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Intensive marketing program

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Marketing: A Driver of Growth
Propel Your Business to New Heights!

The purpose of this program is to help you make and implement important marketing decisions by stimulating your strategic thinking and giving you the tools you need to contribute to the success of your organization.

Using a dashboard that you will build up throughout the duration of the program, you will gain a clearer understanding of contemporary marketing issues and find out how to address them in line with the resources and needs of your company.

Take full advantage of this in-depth, hands-on introduction to key marketing concepts, and discover how to use marketing as a lever for your business growth.


$3,995 + taxes


Six Fridays – 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
February 8, 15, 22, March 1, 15, 22, 2019

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  • Understand various marketing aspects and how they are interrelated.
  • Enhance your analytical and decision-making powers.
  • Learn what to do (and how to do it) to elevate your company’s marketing performance.

Led by 9 marketing experts

Is this for you?

Whether or not marketing is your core function, this program is for you if you wish to:

  • Contribute more significantly to your company’s success;
  • Refresh your marketing knowledge;
  • Dispel various marketing myths;
  • Broaden your professional horizons by strengthening your marketing foundations.

Special features

  • Led by 9 marketing veterans with their finger on the pulse of the industry.
  • Focus on marketing decisions and how they play out in the real world.
  • Spotlight on current and future challenges and trends in the marketing sector.

"The specialists are knowledgeable and experienced. This speeds up the learning process, with examples and the opportunity to share information. A very illuminating experience."

Ianik Lajeunesse, President, Altitude C

"The intensive marketing program was an excellent introduction to the various concepts involved in my job and the opportunity to interact with seasoned pros. Dynamic and engaging. I would recommend it to anyone in the marketing field."

Stéphanie Forbes, Marketing Manager, Chartwell Retirement Residences

"A great refresher on marketing principles, after several years working in another field."

Julie Racicot, Assistant Marketing Manager, Groupe Patrick Morin

"An excellent program for anyone looking to sharpen their overall marketing skills. A well-tuned approach and expert instructors who are engaging and inspiring."

Islem Yezza, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Netpak

"Well done, once again. There’s nothing like the executive education programs offered at HEC Montréal. But don’t take my word for it – try them out for yourself!"

Martin Lespérance, Director, Trade Marketing and Training, Essilor Canada

Coordinator and instructor:

Jean-Luc Geha
Jean-Luc Geha
Associate Director Sales Institute, HEC Montréal


Pierre Balloffet
Pierre Balloffet
Associate Professor, HEC Montréal

Johanne Brunet
Johanne Brunet
CPA-CGA, MBA, PhD (Industrial and Business Studies)
Professor, HEC Montréal
JoAnne Labrecque
JoAnne Labrecque
MBA (Marketing), PhD (Consumer Economics)
Honorary Professor, HEC Montréal

Sylvain Sénécal
Sylvain Sénécal
MSc (Marketing), PhD (Marketing), HEC Montréal
Professor, HEC Montréal

Definition, role, concerns and distinctive characteristics of marketing

Map out your marketing strategy and plan
Tap into the principles of strategic marketing planning to conduct an in-depth analysis of your markets, your competitors and your business environment via SWOT and PESTLE techniques. Develop a marketing strategy and plan using key concepts such as market segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiating. Put it all together as part of your marketing mix.

Get the most out of your marketing dollar
Learn about integrated marketing communication concepts and how to fine-tune them to reach your target audience. Find out how to set goals, draft budgets and select media channels. Familiarize yourself with various avenues for getting your messages out there: advertising, promotion, public relations, sponsorship and direct marketing.

Use data to set yourself apart
Improve your analytical and decision-making abilities through the strategic use of secondary data (type of data, existing sources, market analysis and forecasting techniques, and advanced big data and AI applications). Learn how to estimate the size of a market or a market segment/share. Track demand, make projections and estimate potential.

Acquaint yourself with marketing research concepts
Learn the steps involved and main methods associated with a research project. Find out what role you can play in these studies and how to analyze and interpret the resulting data.

Boost your performance with B2B marketing
Discover the secrets of effective B2B marketing: corporate buying behaviours, what kind of messages to promote, partnerships, social media and online applications. Find out how to effectively outsource marketing services and partner with marketing consulting firms. Learn a simple, powerful method for generating lists of qualified prospects to fill your sales pipeline.

Create successful customer experiences
Review key success factors involved in delivering high-quality customer service and examine the drawbacks and consequences of failing to do so. Take an in-depth look at what your customers expect and what makes them happy, and improve their experience to secure their loyalty.

Build a strong brand
Explore contemporary brand management issues from the perspective of crisis management, the shifting media landscape and ever-freer global markets. Discover the latest advances in the field to create, protect and strengthen your brand. Incorporate creativity and innovation into your business models to generate value.

Get ahead with e-marketing
Explore the strategic and tactical horizon of e-marketing activities. Get a better handle on recent trends, the components of an e-marketing strategy and tactics that pack the most punch. Create a website that draws users in, converts them to customers and keeps them coming back for more. Learn a four-pronged strategic framework for managing your online and social media presence and your consumer interactions.

Optimize your distribution networks
The role of distribution networks and intermediaries is essential to the marketing process. Learn how to put the right products in the right place at the right time for the right customers, in the right format and the right quantity. Discover the basics of a streamlined distribution strategy and how to detect and leverage growth opportunities in distribution networks.

Become a strategic retailer
This module will take a closer look at the changes in the business environment that industry stakeholders have to adjust to. Using Aaker’s approach to strategic brand analysis, you will identify key issues and their impacts on consumer behaviours and retailer strategies. This will help give you clarity as you work out things like target customer segments, store location and size, product offerings, image, positioning, price point, operating costs, customer service, promotion, advertising, merchandising and ambiance.

Use price to increase value
Setting a price point for a product or service is critical: price has a decisive impact on whether customers gravitate toward or away from your brand and will therefore have a decisive impact on sales volume, market share and bottom line. Explore the various factors to take into consideration and review classic pricing methods.

Manage your sales force more effectively
Empower your sales force using various structures and determine which ones are the best for motivating your team members to up their game. Learn how to evaluate the required resources and distribute workload. Recruit, select and manage new employees and establish an efficient compensation plan and an ethical, professional working environment.

Participants in all of our Expert Series will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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