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Customized support

We offer personalized support services based on your individual, team or organizational needs and goals. Pair one of our experts with one or more of your managers, executives or professionals and tap into a wealth of expertise in the discipline of your choosing.

Three ways to take advantage of our customized support solutions:


Option 1: Support in Developing Your Management or Leadership Skills

  • Develop or strengthen specific skills or abilities.
  • Experiment with new practices, obtain feedback and build the confidence you need to internalize and apply them.
  • Prep for a difficult conversation.
  • Chart out a development plan or an individual coaching program.

Option 2: Support from an Expert in Dealing with a Specific Issue or Project

  • Examine your thought process at key moments, explore possibilities, test ideas.
  • Refine your analysis of certain positions or business strategies and shed new light on these aspects.
  • Obtain guidance in leading a change initiative.
  • Create a presentation or beef up your arguments.

Option 3: Support for Knowledge Transfer

When you sign up for one of our executive education activities or academic programs, you can also tap into a source of support for incorporating leading-edge knowledge into your work methods, either during the learning process or immediately afterward.

  • Take advantage of one-on-one follow-up to help you transfer your new skills to your job.
  • Use a higher level of thinking with regard to how you will incorporate what you have learned into your workplace: strategies, actions, tools, expected difficulties and ways of overcoming them.
  • Obtain guidance for your efforts to adapt newly acquired ideas, principles, methods and tools to your organizational realities.

Option 4: One-on-One Career Assessment Assistance

The purpose of this type of support is to provide guidance to intermediate- and senior-level executives as they contemplate their career path moving forward or consider taking on a new position. Goals:

  • Initiate an individual development plan;
  • Help executives realize and appreciate what they have to offer;
  • Provide food for thought with respect to their past hits and misses and their particular interests;
  • Facilitate internal career transitions with concrete, personalized support;
  • Pave the way to preparing a solutions-oriented action plan.

300+ skill-galvanizing experts

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Our support strategy is designed to help you achieve the specific goals you set out, with our help, to meet your needs.



  • Our approach aims to stimulate thought, debate, perspective and action, harness your talents and management skills and let them flourish, help you achieve your goals, and give you concrete tools to drive sustainable results within your organization.
  • We acknowledge that you are the expert in your workplace, the owner of your records and your projects, and the person with primary accountability for your actions and decisions.
  • Our method is rooted in a series of conversations, either one-on-one or with your team. These conversations can take place in person or online (or both), depending on your needs.

Packages and Fees

All of our customized support services come in a package developed around your goals and designed to meet your needs.

Managers and professionals

  • Individual  :
    • Six hours ($1,800 + taxes) or 15 hours ($4,500 + taxes)
    • Additional meetings as required: $350/hour + taxes
  • Small team
    • Six hours ($2,400 + taxes) or 15 hours ($6,000 + taxes)
    • Additional meetings as required: $450/hour + taxes


  • Individual
    • Six hours ($2,400 + taxes) or 15 hours ($6,000 + taxes)
    • Additional meetings as required: $450/hour + taxes
  • Team
    • Tailored approach spread out over six to 18 months ($4,500 to $6,500/day + taxes)


  • One-on-one assistance in preparing a career evaluation or outlining an individual development plan
    • Three hours ($750 + taxes) or six hours ($1,500 + taxes)
    • Additional meetings as required: $300/hour + taxes


  • HEC Montréal
  • Online
  • At your place of business, anywhere in Canada or around the world


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