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Customized presentations

Harness our experts’ ideas and insights to explore topical themes of interest to you and your organization.

Our one- to two-hour talks for small groups are followed by a discussion to ensure you gain a solid grasp of the subject matter and identify the concrete takeaways for your business.

Here are but a few examples of the themes addressed:

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Our resources

Our executive education experts play an active role in creating knowledge and are committed to staying up on leading-edge ideas and the latest developments in their sector. They are powerful communicators who feel driven to share their passion for management, elucidate complex, multifaceted issues in easy-to-understand terms and put forward compelling alternatives. Not only are they in tune with the changing realities of today’s organizations, their comprehensive vision and on-the-mark understanding of the intricacies of running a business will indubitably stimulate your own thought process and broaden your horizons.


Your events

Your organization needs to stay a step ahead of your rivals and know what your clients want, practically before they want it. You strive to keep on top of the best practices in your sector and subject your operations and outcomes to close scrutiny on an ongoing basis. You work with senior management to regularly hold brainstorming and planning meetings to encourage your employees to examine issues from fresh, new angles, ensure there is common ground for discussing key issues and provide the appropriate decision-making grids.


Our solutions

Let us bring these two worlds together with customized talks presented by experts in their respective fields who know how to engage their audience.



$6,500 + taxes (per customized presentation)



  • HEC Montréal
  • At your place of business


  • English
  • French


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