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Certification in Organizational Development

Put people
at the heart of your decisions.

Module 1
Using OD to Overcome Organizational Challenges

Céline Bareil

  • OD as an area of practice: Principles and values
  • Three levels of organizational development
  • Diagnosis- and dialogue- based approaches
  • OD-centric response to organizational challenges
  • Key skills to master

Module 2
How to Drive and Support Strategic Planning in your Organization

Richard Blain

  • Usefulness of a structured strategic plan
  • Definition of the concepts of strategy, key issues, mission, vision and strategic priorities
  • The strategic planning process
  • Tools to analyze internal and external environment and identify strategic issues
  • Components of an action plan inherent in strategic priorities and the corresponding impacts on budgets and resource allocation
  • Challenges related to buy-in and rollout

Module 3
How to Identify and Groom High-Potential Employees

Jean-François Bertholet

  • Emergence and critical analysis of the concept of talent
  • Methods for evaluating potential
  • Co-development, coaching, mentoring, cross-training and other development options
  • Methods for fast-tracking talent development
  • Importance, roles and accountability of leaders in developing talent
  • Roadblocks to success for high-potential individuals

Module 4
How to Improve Team Performance

Corinne Prost

  • Factors underlying the success and failure of teamwork
  • Team dynamics
  • Supporting managers in elevating their team’s performance
  • Team-building and team-strengthening tools

Module 5
How to Help Leaders, Managers and Employees Face an Organizational Transformation

Céline Bareil

  • Support during the transition
  • Pre-transformation preparation of the organization
  • Strategic, systemic, human and operational considerations
  • Analysis and support tools designed to facilitate change

Module 6
How to Work Together to Find Solutions to Complex Problems

Julie Bourbonnais

  • Fundamental concepts and paradigms of collaborative leadership
  • Keys to successful collaborative leadership
  • Overview of strategies and dialogue-based tools: appreciative enquiry, world café, open forum, future search
  • Tangible examples of how these elements are applied in an organizational context
  • Your role as an initiator, facilitator and enabler when implementing this type of approach in your organization

Module 7
How to Optimize your Influence Over Decision-Makers

Isabelle Lord

  • OD advisors and power
  • Building your professional and personal credibility with clients and executives
  • Upward influence tactics
  • Making and defending a winning case
  • OD business case competition.

Module 8
How to Boost your Staff's Motivation

Michel Tremblay

  • Concept of engagement
  • Creating an engagement-friendly climate
  • Spearheading an initiative to improve engagement
  • Easing the transition from diagnosis to action
  • Engagement drivers: Potential contributions and limitations

Module 9
The Keys to Driving Sustainable Empoyee Engagement

Christian Vandenberghe

  • Different types of engagement
  • Engagement targets (organization, work, supervisor)
  • Methods of sparking and sustaining engagement
  • Generational differences
  • Securing employee loyalty from one generation to the next: Effective tools for managers

Module 10
How to Create a Stimulating, Healthy Work Environment

Estelle M. Morin

  • Workplace health and wellness
  • Structure and sense of purpose
  • Work/life balance — where the two worlds collide
  • Fun and enjoyment on the job

Module 11
How to Choose the Most Suitable OD Methods

Céline Bareil

  • Reasons why some OD efforts fail
  • Criteria for choosing the best method
  • Plan for a successful OD operation
  • Overview of the various OD methods available
  • Your role as an OD advisor

Module 12
How to Build a Collaborative Culture

Alain Gosselin

  • Collaboration-related needs, principles, barriers and issues
  • Analysis of the status quo and ideal outcome with regard to collaboration
  • Collaboration-friendly tools in your OD toolbox
  • What leaders can do and say to encourage collaboration

Training Approach

  • Reading materials and presentations by experts in the field
  • Pooling of participants’ experiences
  • Sharing of in-house practices
  • Discussions and case studies


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