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MBA Essentials: A Must for Management Professionals Looking to Elevate Their Career

October 4, 2021

Histoire de participants - Elise Charbonneau

Elise Charbonneau

MBA Essentials and the MBA Essentials — Advanced Program

After working in the cultural sector for 21 years, Elise Charbonneau was eager to refresh her management skills. So she signed up for Executive Education HEC Montréal’s MBA Essentials program. The experience was so rewarding that she decided to enrol in the Advanced Program immediately afterward.

She found both eight-day programs to be of the highest calibre, with comprehensive, up-to-date content that helped her acquire new leadership tools and give her career a real boost. Read on to find out how.

The benefits of the MBA Essentials program

Elise thought it was time to take a step back and put things into perspective. The eight-day formula of MBA Essentials gave her an opportunity to do just that, amid a very hectic work schedule. “The biggest pluses of the program for me were the chance to brush up on my expertise, add new and up-to-the-minute tools to my executive toolbox and do it all quickly and efficiently.”

What’s more, the program includes six hours of personalized coaching for every participant, which she felt was a tremendous added value: “The coaching sessions are fantastic. They help you get over your fears as a manager and confirm that you’re on the right path.”

The program helped her learn more about contemporary industry practices and drill down into her strengths and weaknesses so she could really flourish in her role.

Why continue with the Advanced Program?

After her initial experience with MBA Essentials, Elise decided right away to build further on what she had learned. “I just loved the first program, and I wanted to keep going. It turns out the career timing was perfect. I hoped to take my skills to the next level and be more strategic in my thinking.”

The MBA Essentials — Advanced Program

“The best part of the Advanced Program is the team analysis,” said Elise. “The design thinking, co-development and in-class conversations are amazing.” She got a lot out of exploring specific issues as a group. By putting their heads together, participants were able to come up with some innovative solutions. Discussing things with other high-level managers and working through problems together is a huge advantage, from her standpoint.

Expert instructors, expert participants

Both programs are very dynamic and led by highly experienced instructors — something that Elise appreciated immensely. “Both the institution and the faculty at HEC Montréal have a reputation for excellence. It’s wonderful to learn from them. Plus, all the participants are seasoned managers themselves, which makes the program even more interesting and great from a networking point of view. Everyone felt comfortable speaking openly about the challenges they face, which helped form a bond between us.”

Impacts on her career and her employer

Elise has since made tangible changes in her leadership approach: “I’m confident that my management skills are now up to scratch. I make sure I take the time I need to make informed business decisions so I can achieve optimal performance for my organization. The models and planning tools I was exposed to in both programs are a great fit where I work. I’m very happy with everything I learned and feel motivated to move forward.”


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