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Getting Ahead, One Course at a Time

November 26, 2020

Pierre Lefebvre - histoire de participants

Pierre Lefebvre

Executive Education HEC Montréal learner since 1991

Pierre Lefebvre has been pursuing his professional development through Executive Education HEC Montréal since 1991, making him our longest-standing participant. In that time, he has completed no fewer than 19 courses. “At every stage of my career, Executive Education HEC Montréal has been there to give me the tools I needed to get ahead and face new challenges,” said Pierre.

Pierre has been an engineer for more than 40 years. His first foray into the world of executive education was through a leadership course, which he took shortly after being promoted to a management-level position. A marketing seminar followed to support him in his new duties. Over the years, as the program expanded, he continued to go back for more. “There’s always something new, and the content is really dynamic. It’s fantastic,” he said.

So which courses stand out in his memory? He is quick to answer: “The one on human relations and leadership is something I continue to refer to to this day. The tips on how to be a good manager and reframe and move past mistakes are something I still use all the time.”

For close to five years, Pierre has been working as an assistant syndic at the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. He recently took — and very much enjoyed — Estelle Morin’s course on emotional intelligence, saying he learned a lot about himself and how to deal with his new OIQ colleagues.

What exactly about Executive Education HEC Montréal inspires such a level of trust for Pierre? “Everything is adapted to suit my needs. I get tools I can actually use right away. And the fact that the instructors come from both an academic and a business background is a big plus. They all believe in what they do, are great communicators and love to share what they know with others.”

In keeping with his commitment to pursuing his professional development and staying up to date, Pierre plans to keep taking more courses in the future. “I’m also a proud HEC Montréal alumnus. My alma mater is very important to me. And I strongly recommend all of the programs available through Executive Education HEC Montréal.”


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