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Embracing the Digital Revolution

January 7, 2022

Darine Nasreddine - Histoire de participants

Darine Nasreddine

Certification in Digital Marketing program

Marketing Manager, Groupe Touchette

Darine Nasreddine is a marketing executive with Groupe Touchette, where going digital has been identified has a top priority. She decided to boost her own agility as this process moves forward by enrolling in the Certification in Digital Marketing program. As someone who is action- and results-oriented by nature, she found it to be an excellent way to tame the digital “beast” and to do so with clarity and confidence.

“The digital world is constantly evolving and expanding at the speed of light,” says Darine, whose marketing expertise extends to the automotive, banking and computer security industries. “Knowing that my company is bound and determined (and rightly so) to take the digital leap, I in my role as marketing manager have an obligation to hone my knowledge, practices, tactics and strategies in this regard.”

A comprehensive program

The Certification in Digital Marketing program offered by Executive Education HEC Montréal is divided into eight modules, delivered in hybrid mode over the course of six days. The content was exactly what Darine was looking for, with a 360-degree approach to the subject matter, from developing an integrated marketing strategy and setting up a website to making the most of web analytics and utilizing specialized tools to attract and retain customers.

“The program really does cover it all,” she said. “Now I have what it takes to be more proactive in shaping our new realities amid these changes. I’ll be in a position to make a tangible contribution to guiding our strategy and introducing tactics that can grow and adapt as we move forward.”

She has already started laying the groundwork for these next steps through discussions with other Groupe Touchette executives. “I’m using what I’ve learned to take the lead on this, working closely with senior management. It’s a lot of work, but it will be great for my career.”

The power of diversity

Not only does Darine now have a new set of skills to tap into, but she has also expanded her circle of business contacts through this course, which took place on site at HEC Montréal, except for one day online. “I was really blown away by the broad array of talent, experience and insight that my classmates had,” she said. “The connections we made and the conversations we had gave me so much in terms of food for thought. Despite our different backgrounds, we really did share a lot in common.”

This level of diversity also carried over to the instructors and other experts who guided their learning. “The range and the calibre of the people teaching the program was impressive to say the least. They were all very accomplished professionals from a variety of conventional and non-conventional career paths. Hearing about everything they’ve done inspires me to push myself even further.”

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