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Building a Digital Sales and Marketing Department

March 24, 2021

André Charbonneau

André Charbonneau


Executive Education HEC Montréal E-Marketing Essentials course

André Charbonneau completed his first Executive Education HEC Montréal course in March 2020.

How did he find out about our course offerings? “I received the February newsletter with descriptions of seven upcoming courses. E-Marketing Essentials caught my eye, so I signed up.”

André had worked at Bell for 20 years when one day a light bulb went off in his head — there was a gap in the market for a telephone refurbishment company. So he quit his job and started his own business. Thirty-four years later, he’s still president of Florence, a family-run operation on Montreal’s North Shore that specializes in remanufacturing telephones.

André had not done much, if any, marketing since he launched Florence. Business was booming, so he didn’t feel the need for a sales and marketing team. In recent years, however, he noticed that growth was flattening, so he turned to a business consultant and a web specialist for advice. That’s when he realized that it was time to invest in digital marketing strategies.

What led him to sign up for the E-Marketing Essentials course? “I wasn’t trying to become an expert in e-marketing, but I wanted to understand how to optimize websites, determine which keywords to invest in and learn more about content marketing.”

What did he think about the course? “I fell in love with HEC Montréal at first sight! I really liked the learning format, the schedule and the chance to interact with some amazing people. I’m a complete novice, so the exercises and practical workshops really helped me. The content was excellent and very much in line with what I needed. The instructors are all industry experts. They taught me a lot.”

André has enrolled in two other Executive Education programs since then: the first was a course in website development and the second, the new certification program in marketing communication. When asked if there’s an age limit for learning, his answer was simple: “No, you’re never too old to expand your knowledge. If you still have projects on the go, learning is the key to achieving your goals.”


For more information on the courses that have inspired André Charbonneau:

André Charbonneau completed the E-Marketing Essentials at Executive Education HEC Montréal in 2020. This has since evolved into a certification program to meet the industry’s professional development needs. Learn more about Certification in E-Marketing.

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