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Blended Learning: An Immersive Experience, Both Online and In Person

July 30, 2021

Histoire de participants - Adnane Azzaoui

Adnane Azzaoui


Certification in Corporate Finance program, taught simultaneously in person and online

Adnane Azzaoui moved from France to Canada with his family in November 2020. He brought with him a dozen years of experience in management and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector, as well as a university education in law, economics, management and communications. He came to us looking to hone his skills in finance, particularly in how to crunch numbers for decision-making purposes.

“Even though I studied economics at school, I’m not a financial professional,” said Adnane. “I wanted to round out my leadership experience with a training program that would give me a comprehensive understanding of financial analysis. My goal was to be more structured and business-oriented in my thinking so I could contribute more decisively to various projects.”

A web search led Adnane straight to what he was looking for: the Certification in Corporate Finance at Executive Education HEC Montréal. The six-day blended online/in-person approach lets participants choose their preferred mode of attendance. That was a first for Adnane.

He opted to go to the HEC Montréal campus for five of the six days, which made it easier for him to leave his other responsibilities behind and focus on the course. He nevertheless appreciated the innovative flexibility of being able to log in remotely for the sixth. “I had to travel for business that day, so the online option meant I could be there, without ‘being’ there.”

How did he find the experience? “The technology underlying the program ensured the conditions in place were optimal and made it easy to engage in a dialogue with the instructor and other participants,” said Adnane. “It all comes together seamlessly, in real time. Whether you’re there physically or logging in from somewhere else, you can interact very naturally with everyone and ask questions, and that makes a big difference.”

Adnane feels that the blended approach is an excellent option because it lets participants attend remotely if they so choose, while still catering to the needs of those who learn better in person.


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