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"All doctors could benefit from the MBA Essentials program"

February 23, 2021

Nicole Leblanc

Dr. Nicole LeBlanc

Participant in the MBA Essentials program customized for Médecins francophones du Canada

Dr. Nicole LeBlanc is a pediatrician and the Regional Chief of Staff of New Brunswick’s Vitalité Health Network. She’s a proud Acadian who speaks French every day at work with her colleagues and patients. Dr. LeBlanc is a member of Médecins francophones du Canada, an organization that strives to bring French-speaking healthcare professionals closer together to foster dialogue and interaction. In fact, she heard about Executive Education HEC Montréal’s MBA Essentials program through the emails she receives from MFdC.

“As doctors, we play a leadership role within the healthcare system,” she explained. “It’s important that we continue to develop and improve our management skills to maximize the impact we have on the quality of care provided to our patients. When I read the program description, I could tell right away that it would be valuable to me, given that it was specially designed for doctors.”

This customized online version of the MBA Essentials program was indeed created for doctors. As Dr. LeBlanc pointed out to us, the management and leadership aspect of a medical career often goes overlooked in the academic curriculum. Yet she is convinced that these are core skills doctors need.

She went on to call the ability to participate in a corporate training program catering specifically to French-speaking Canadian doctors a privilege. Why does she feel so strongly? “First, the fact that the course is given in French is a huge advantage for me as it’s my working language. What’s more, it’s an opportunity for doctors to come together, engage in discussions and share our experiences — and that’s a huge plus as well. As a medical leader, you can often feel isolated, but through this program I’ve met other people in similar positions and we’ve built a great little community.”

One module in particular struck a chord with Dr. LeBlanc: the one on strategic players given by HEC Montréal lecturer Pierre Lainey. “It’s incredible being able to put healthcare policy into context and understand how we can use our influence to make the system better. Being able to define our own leadership style and develop its full potential has such a powerful impact. Since the course, I’ve seen for myself the importance of influence in my own work through the tangible actions I take to obtain results with the different people I work with.”

She also appreciated the module on dashboards. In fact, Dr. LeBlanc wishes she’d had known about them at the beginning of her career.

The MBA Essentials program has positively impacted her leadership style and her organization in many ways. “If we want to have a productive and efficient network, we need healthcare professionals who are willing to commit to developing their skills on an ongoing basis. Continuing education in this sector inevitably benefits both us as professionals and the system as a whole, not to mention the patients we care for. Everybody wins.”

Dr. LeBlanc enthusiastically recommends the MBA Essentials program to all of her colleagues: “This customized program is an excellent way to learn about new management and leadership tools. This style of continuing education has so many advantages, like being able to converse with other doctors in your first language and share similar experiences. It’s such a great program, and you’re all there for the same reason — you all want to improve patient care and provide the best-quality services you can.”


To learn more about the MBA Essentials program, contact Marc St-Jean.

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