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A commitment to ongoing self-improvement and professional growth

December 8, 2020

Brigitte Lauzon - histoire de participants

Brigitte Lauzon

Participant in 24 courses at Executive Education HEC Montréal

Brigitte Lauzon has completed 24 Executive Education HEC Montréal courses since 1996, a record for the school. She is fortunate to work in finance, where professional development and skills upgrading are encouraged.

Her primary limitation is always time. She sees it as essential to continuously update her knowledge and refresh her approach. “Just because you have an MBA doesn’t mean you should never question yourself. Our work is always changing, and every day brings a new reality.”

Brigitte Lauzon currently works at Desjardins as Senior Advisor, Management Support Digital Transaction Solutions and My Everyday Banking Administrative Department. She enjoys taking courses at HEC Montréal because she learns a lot from the other organizations represented in a class. “It’s a privilege to step outside of my own work environment and talk to peers from companies in other sectors. It lets me reassess and improve how I do things.” In her opinion, the courses are expertly taught and tailored to her work context. “What I like is that we learn from both professors and business people. They cover theory but also real-world practice.”


Brigitte Lauzon chooses courses to suit her career progression. When asked which ones had the greatest impact on her, she immediately mentioned Estelle Morin’s excellent courses on workplace wellness, stress management and emotional intelligence. She also listed the Managing Your Time and Your Priorities course by Sophie Lemieux, which has been a real boon in her everyday life.


In conclusion, Brigitte Lauzon wholeheartedly recommends our courses. “None of us have any time to waste. At Executive Education HEC Montréal, you get great professors, cutting-edge content and well-organized courses. The school has been able to rapidly adapt to the current challenges, offering online courses and new content.”


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