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Three Key Competencies to Hone This Summer

April 4, 2023

Three Key Competencies to Hone this Summer


Why not take advantage of the upcoming summer lull to explore some of the reskilling and upskilling options available to you through Executive Education HEC Montréal?

Online learning lets you get ahead from the comfort of your home — or from the sidewalk patio of your favourite coffee shop! Or opt for in-person attendance to network and socialize with your fellow participants.

You can focus on developing your digital, communication and strategic skills to make the months ahead your most successful yet. These are three core areas where you can set yourself — and your organization — apart.


1- Digital intelligence and what it can do for you

Digital intelligence is a must for today’s businesses, representing an invaluable link in the decision-making chain. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) help managers understand and leverage the massive quantities of information at their disposal to contribute to their organization’s success.

For marketers, creating a data-driven culture is vital to providing a stand-out customer experience and developing impactful strategies. As our world becomes increasingly connected, AI is more than just a competitive advantage: it is essential to creating added value for any business.

Here are three courses that may interest you in this field:

- Understanding Digital Intelligence: The First Step Toward Your Success
- Marketing.AI — How to Use Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to Drive Your Marketing Strategies
- The Business Analyst: Partner in Digital Transformation


2- Communication: The lifeblood of your business

The ability to convey information clearly and inspire the people around you is vital in sparking interest and influencing decisions. Communicating effectively and authentically is a must in getting your ideas across and motivating the troops, no matter what rung you are on in the management ladder.

It’s easy enough to say, but making it happen can be a real challenge. Good communication doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it’s something that can be learned and improved. Here are few short programs that will help you assess your existing skill sets and become a more powerful communicator:

- Perfect Your Pitch: How to Weave a Compelling Narrative
- Inspirational Managers: Winning Strategies for Optimizing Your Communications
- Selling an Idea to an Audience
- The Art of Communicating in Sensitive Management Situations
- Telling It Like It Is: Turning Difficult Conversations into Positive Experiences


3- The art and science of strategy

Strategy and management go hand in hand. Strategy is what makes it possible for organizations to blaze a trail forward. It takes insight, clarity and the right tools to put a winning strategy into place. But when the right strategy is used, it can give businesses a real leg up on the competition and let them future-proof their operations.

In these uncertain times, managers need to take a step back and see the big picture, so they can be ready to tackle upcoming changes and put a robust plan in place to react swiftly and decisively to any curveballs that may come their way.

Here are a few of our programs that focus on strategy and how to use it to make a real difference in your organization:

- Ascension — Program for Current and Aspiring Executives
- Positive Political Skills in the Workplace: Be a Strategic Player
- How to Make Smarter Management Decisions


Set your sights on excellence this summer. Be sure to have a closer look at our full list of summer courses.

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