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Six Things to Read to Improve Your Management Skills

March 20, 2019

Why not take advantage of the last bout of cold weather to lose yourself in this curated list of books written by some of the experts on our faculty, exploring key challenges and issues facing today’s business professionals?



L’analytique ressources humaines : mesurer, évaluer et décider pour optimiser la gestion du capital humain
By Michel Cossette

Human resources management has changed a great deal over the past few decades. Even though they are commonly described as a critical factor in organizational success, human resources management and performance tend to be underappreciated or overlooked when it comes to business metrics. This book presents a series of thoughts and tools concerning the performance of HR programs to help professionals structure and strengthen their analytical thinking and strategic efforts. It contains a selection of charts and indicators you can use to quantify your performance from two undeniably important perspectives: efficiency and effectiveness.

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HR Analytics: Becoming a True Strategic Partner by Measuring and Interpreting Data and Making Informed Decisions.


Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers
By Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

Discover tools to analyze, develop and roll out high-performance business models. These days, new industries are popping up all over the place, while many older ones are falling by the wayside. The emergence of new economic models is making us re-examine accepted principles and giving rise to new ways of doing business. How can you strategically position yourself in this fiercely competitive landscape? How can you transform your ideas into innovative models that go beyond traditional principles or turn them into something fresh and new? The ideas in this book are sure to help you find answers to these and other questions.

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Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas Workshop.


Paroles de PDG - Comment 75 grands patrons du Québec vivent leur métier
By Réal Jacob, Alain Gosselin, Eric Brunelle, Roman Oryschuk and Louis Hébert

Delve into the minds of the men and women whose decisions affect the future of thousands of workers in Quebec. How did they become the province’s most influential CEOs? Their insightful (and anonymous) contributions to this book examine how they run their organization and meet the challenges of an ever-changing business world. A riveting and revealing journey into a little-known yet fascinating aspect of leadership.

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Ascension - Program for Current and Aspiring Executives.



À vos marques, prêts, gérez! La GHR pour gestionnaires
By Anne Bourhis et Denis Chênevert

This book takes a unique look at the market by putting the reader in the shoes of a first-line manager rather than a human resources management expert. The focus is on the broader dynamic of team supervision instead of isolated management techniques. The authors also discuss the legal and labour considerations of HRM and show how managers can optimize their employees’ potential in their day-to-day management tasks.

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Human Resources Management Essentials.


Parler en public pour vendre une idée : guide d’autoapprentissage
By Louise Lachapelle

Public speaking is a skill that is more important than ever to today’s business professionals. But not everyone is comfortable getting up and talking to a group. If you are looking for tips on how to assert yourself, sell your ideas and set yourself apart, this book is for you. Learn what goes into making a good speech, how to use your voice and body language to get your point across, and which techniques are particularly effective for making your ideas stick.

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Selling an Idea to an Audience.


Amélioration des processus : kaizen, lean et six-sigma - pour les processus transactionnels, administratifs et de gestion
By Jean-Marc Legentil

The need to revise organizational processes is largely accepted, and the underlying principles are well known and amply documented. Implementation, however, is still challenging and often times out-and-out baffling. This book sheds light on the process, embracing a practical, step-by-step and eminently human approach that is both enlightening and encouraging.

The content of this book is covered in the following course: The Continuous Improvement Dilemma: Which Approach Should You Choose?


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