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Leveraging Knowledge Sharing to Train Effective Leaders

October 23, 2018

The vast majority of an organization’s knowledge is found in the minds of its employees. This expertise is neither documented nor available on demand and so does little to help others with the challenges they face.


In this course, we will teach a method for structuring group conversations that helps participants brainstorm solutions for their problems, projects or concerns.

These days, collaboration is generating quite the buzz, but it takes more than talk to make change. To encourage true collaboration within an organization requires a concrete set of processes, of which co-development is one.

A co-development group draws its strength from a practice of structured peer consultation. Participants pool their knowledge and experience to address real-life work situations.

Co-development is an approach that involves creating networks of people from one or more companies who meet to discuss current or upcoming issues at work.

Come give the co-development experience a try in the company of your peers. Take at look at your problems with fresh eyes and discover new solutions. Improve your intra- and interpersonal skills and optimize your ability to learn from – and teach – others.

The new course will explore the co-development method* designed by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne and examine the underlying dimensions affecting individual and collective learning. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know your fellow professionals, share your experiences, foster personal and collective reflection, and become better at your job.

To learn more about this course, visit Strengthening Collective Intelligence Through Co-Development.

* Source: www.aqcp.org (In French)


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