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Call for Papers and Presentations

7th International Megaprojects Workshop: Theory meets Practice

From Wednesday June 12 to Friday June 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Megaprojects: New processes and value

The conference brings together leading scholars and practitioners from Canada and abroad. They will present and discuss current understandings of megaproject management—seen as a complex form of planning, designing and producing large-scale capital-intensive infrastructure, and to achieve collective system-level goals.

The conference seeks to connect theory with practice through workshops and panels. We encourage presentations that combine theoretically informed studies and phenomena-driven research. Papers may address generic questions on megaprojects context such as complexity, governance, collaboration, knowledge. For this 7th edition, we particularly welcome presentations that examine megaprojects under the influence of the emerging phenomenon of artificial intelligence.

Details and modalities of the conference

Important Information:

Submission of papers: 28 February 2019
Answer to Authors: mi-March 2019

Two formats for submission are possible:

Please submit the text at: international.megaprojetcs.workshop@uqam.ca

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