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New building in the downtown business district

Reactions of the business community

Reactions of the business community

Claude Séguin

« HEC Montréal’s return to downtown is excellent news for both the business community and the university community. Although the School has always been attuned to the needs of local businesspeople, I am convinced that this new location will create opportunities giving it even more tools to serve the business community and people working downtown. It will be able to work more closely with companies on developing financial skills, especially in risk management and mathematical finance. This heightened collaboration will open up some very promising new avenues. »

Claude Séguin, HEC 1972, Chair of the Board – Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Nathalie Blondil

“To innovate and advance, every society needs visionary, creative, curious, enterprising and committed leaders who can look at the world differently. HEC Montréal trains and encourages such people. In future, downtown executives and professionals will have easier access to the tools that the School provides for them to make their dreams reality. It’s a great asset for the future.”

Nathalie Bondil, Former Executive Director and Chief Curator – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Winston Chan

“HEC Montréal plays an important role as an engine for innovation and entrepreneurship, two subjects that are really dear to my heart. Its various institutes, hubs and research centres focus on cutting-edge management issues and help advance knowledge. At the same time, it offers young entrepreneurs a vast ecosystem to help them put their ideas into practice. The new building will make it possible to create even closer connections with many key players in the business world so as to accelerate the development of knowledge and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a guarantee of a dynamic future.”

Winston Chan, entrepreneur
Raymond Bachand

“I’m delighted at the idea of having HEC Montréal in Montréal’s downtown business district. It’s sure to simplify liaison and knowledge transfer activities by the School and the Institute with public- and private-sector organizations. It will also boost the spinoff from Conference Board and HEC Montréal expertise by offering custom solutions to competitiveness issues.”

Raymond Bachand, President – Institut du Québec
Rémi Marcoux

“Ever since it was founded in 1907, HEC Montréal has been striving to equip entrepreneurs and professionals in general to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving business world. The School has made an enormous contribution, helping Quebec’s economy flourish by training top-quality business leaders for tomorrow, in particular as part of the Rémi Marcoux Entrepreneurial Track, by supporting entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and contributing to developing the skills of established professionals. The new building in the heart of the business district will let the School play its partnership role even more effectively. Congratulations to the management of HEC Montréal for their vision and their hard work to ensure a bright future for Canada’s first business school.”

Rémi Marcoux, HEC 1968, Founder – TC Transcontinental
Matthew Fireman

“I am really very happy to see that HEC Montréal, the first business school to open in Canada almost 110 years ago, is finally returning to a location near its birthplace in downtown Montréal. The new building will allow the School to get closer to its thousands of alumni working in the heart of the business district, giving them much easier access to all the services it offers them. This proximity will also make for more opportunities for networking and synergy among alumni, and is bound to foster new ideas and new initiatives.”

Matthew Fireman, HEC 2000, Commercial banking – TD Canada Trust
Hélène Desmarais

“First of all, I want to thank the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, without which this essential project could never have been launched. I say essential because this new building will allow HEC Montréal to continue growing and fulfilling its mission with excellence in the coming decades. Since it was founded over a century ago, the School has been as source of pride for Quebec and Quebecers. With each generation, it has adapted to the evolving needs of our society. It has always stood out thanks to its commitment and determination to train exceptional future business leaders. That was true on the day it opened. And it is true today, more than ever.”

Hélène Desmarais, HEC 1983, Chair of the Board of Directors – HEC Montréal
LP Maurice

“As an HEC Montréal alumnus, I’m proud to see my alma mater continue its development and broaden its reach. As an entrepreneur, I’m delighted to see it downtown, since the building will also house several research and knowledge transfer units. This will boost its collaboration with the business community and create an environment suited to growth and innovation. Since I myself am very active in the HEC Montréal entrepreneurial ecosystem, I am ideally placed to see the School’s constant commitment to innovation. This announcement confirms and reinforces its commitment, and it’s really excellent news.”

LP Maurice – HEC 2003, President and CEO – Busbud
Louis Audet

“HEC Montréal is a world-class establishment, recognized for its excellent teachers and researchers. Its three prestigious international accreditations – which it was the first in North America to obtain – are convincing proof. For 110 years now, the School has contributed to Quebec’s economic growth by training well-informed and bold leaders and working hand in hand with the business community. This return to its roots in downtown Montréal will let it play this role in Quebec society more effectively than ever, and continue to boost Quebec’s image on the international scene.”

Louis Audet, President and CEO – Cogeco
Louis Chênevert

“I’m very pleased at this news, as it will allow HEC Montréal to do even more to help firms in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada on international markets. My experience directing large multinational firms has shown me the importance of proper preparation for entrepreneurs and managers if their companies are to succeed. Moving some of its activities for executives to downtown Montréal will allow HEC Montréal to enhance its training for tomorrow's executives.”

Louis Chênevert, HEC 1979, Chair of the HEC Montréal International Advisory Board and former President and CEO and outgoing Chair of the Board – United Technologies.
Léon Courville

“I’m very happy to hear this. It will let HEC Montréal and the Montreal Institute of Structured Finance and Derivatives collaborate even more closely with businesses in Quebec’s financial industry. By returning to the downtown business district, the School will make it easier for financial firms to work with the city’s universities. The whole business community will benefit.”

Léon Courville, HEC 1967, Chair of the Board – Montreal Structured Finance and Derivatives Institute
Louis Vachon

“HEC Montréal was created by businesspeople, for businesspeople. With its return to downtown Montréal, the School will more than ever be reaching its goal of serving the business community and listening to its needs. It will be able to work more closely with companies on developing financial skills, especially in risk management and mathematical finance. This heightened collaboration will open up some very promising new opportunities.”

Louis Vachon, President and CEO – National Bank of Canada

“I am delighted that HEC Montréal is returning to the city’s business district after an absence of four decades. The vast majority of prestigious business schools or management faculties around the world have a campus in the heart of their cities—take for instance the University of Chicago or Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. The proximity of this new educational offering will benefit the business community and, more specifically, decisional centres located in downtown Montréal. This is good news for the city and good news for society in general, as everyone reaps the rewards from rich and diversified training opportunities.”

 Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

“I am very excited that HEC Montréal is coming back to the heart of the city after an absence of more than 40 years. By physically moving closer to the business community, this jewel of Quebec’s economic and social history will enhance the French-language educational offering for our entrepreneurs and managers in downtown Montréal. That’s very good news for the economic vitality of Quebec society as a whole.”

Robert Parizeau, HEC 1957, Officer of the National Order of Quebec

“Large organizations operating on a global scale need to rely on managers who understand the specific features of international trade. HEC Montréal has earned a reputation for excellence in this respect. With the School’s new presence downtown, a large pool of professionals will now have greater access to cutting-edge education and innovative activities. The distance between the place of work and the place of training is a key factor in the decision to sign up for a course. Closer proximity is therefore a powerful incentive to seek out new knowledge and skills.”

 Serge Godin, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board—CGI Group

“This is excellent news. More than ever, the need for HEC Montréal’s presence downtown goes without saying to facilitate and increase interactions between the School and the business community. Also, having an academic institution very active in the areas of transfer and innovation in the heart of the city will no doubt help boost entrepreneurship in Quebec. Access to experts in this field will be easier and will foster new entrepreneurial careers.”

 Eric Boyko, President, Co-Founder and CEO – Stingray Digital Group Inc.

“The business world is evolving at top speed. To take on disruptions boldly and confidently, business people need access to leading-edge professional development activities. The School’s new campus will provide, right in the heart of Montréal, an innovative environment conducive to learning and sharing so they can better prepare for the challenges ahead. The place of women in the business community means a lot to me. This forward-looking project will help give them the means to fulfill their ambitions.”

 Sophie Brochu, President and CEO – Hydro-Québec

“Training a highly qualified workforce is a key lever for making our businesses more productive and competitive. With its location in Montréal’s business district, where there is the highest concentration of management professionals in Quebec, HEC Montréal’s new building will enrich the talent pool and make our region more economically attractive.”

 Hubert Bolduc, HEC 2004, President – Investissement Québec International

“The new HEC Montréal building will mean more management training in French downtown, especially for business leaders and executives. In addition, the new Centre de transfert et de co-innovation, also to be located downtown, will considerably enhance the School’s interactions with its partners in both the public and private sectors. And the Alphonse and Dorimène Desjardins International Institute for Cooperatives will boost the co-operative movement through better networking among its different stakeholders.”

Monique Leroux, Independent board member – Investissement Québec
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