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ADN network editorial policy

The Office of Communications and Government Relations is responsible for the content broadcast on the network. It reserves the right to refuse certain requests if it deems the content inappropriate, if the request is submitted too late or if the Office’s workload prevents it.

Items are broadcast in French, except for some simple words such as Bienvenue, Merci, etc., which may be translated into other languages. On the other hand, titles of lectures or award-winning articles in English, for example, may be broadcast in their original language.

No advertising may be sold or offered on the ADN network.

Visibility plans offered to sponsors, partners or donors may not include the broadcast of promotional messages. When an activity is organized in co-operation with external partners or sponsors, only the names of the major partners or sponsors may appear on the screen, in writing. Their logos, signatures or elements of their advertising campaigns may not be broadcast.


Television content broadcast on the large screen in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building cafeteria is limited to certain news reports (morning, noon and early evening) by Radio-Canada and RDI and some major sporting events (e.g. the Olympic Games and World Cup), but without sound. Depending on news events, the Information and Publications Division may decide to expand broadcasts of such content. The Division will evaluate any requests it receives and, if necessary, may seek the approval of the School’s Executive Committee.

[N.B.: This editorial policy, in effect since the fall of 2010, is subject to change as the ADN network expands. We suggest that you check back for updates periodically.]

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