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Premium customized recruitment service

You’re looking to hire top talent from HEC Montréal, but the demand for specialized skills outstrips the supply in many management fields. For our part, we want to help our students with distinctive skills find prestigious positions.

Have you considered our Premium customized recruitment service?

Privileged access to specialized skills

Premium customized recruitment is an innovative service to support your efforts to recruit candidates with specialized or unique skills and knowledge.

  • Offered by HEC Montréal Customized Business Services. We have direct access to an extensive pool of students and young alumni. We know them well and can connect them with your job offers.
  • A separate service, complementing the efficient solutions already available from our Career Management Services.
  • Only for eligible businesses.
  • Offered at a reduced cost, corresponding to a fraction of the cost of using a specialized recruitment firm.

Customized service

Through our Premium customized recruitment service, we will support you at every step in the recruitment process. What we will do for you:

  • Screening students. We will choose individuals with profiles matching your specific needs. You won’t need to plow through piles of CVs.
  • Direct contact. We will contact these students and encourage them to apply.
  • Meeting candidates. We will check that their profiles are really what you are seeking, and make sure they are prepared.
  • Personalized coaching. We will coach them in creating a video CV and preparing for their first interview.
  • Referring a maximum of three candidates. We will select individuals who perfectly fit the profile you are seeking.

An exceptional pool of candidates

  • Students and young graduates in all management fields, from undergraduate to PhD
  • Advanced practice-based training
  • Solid technological knowledge
  • Proven leadership and drive within a company or as a member of one of HEC Montréal’s 40 student committees
  • Mostly bilingual or multilingual
  • Open to the world

To reach us or check whether you are eligible

Guy Benoît

Contact Guy Benoît
Director – Customized Business Services

 514 340-6164
 514 816-1919

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