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Management and Culture Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring together HEC Montréal students and alumni who work in arts administration or are otherwise involved in the cultural field. Together, they create opportunities to discuss issues of importance to the sector and to build an engaged, forward-looking community.

Executive Committee

  • Laureen Bardou HEC 2012 (Chair)
  • Sara De Luca HEC 2012 (Vice-Chair, Finance)
  • Yvanca Lévy HEC 2012 (Director)
  • Jean-Pierre Primiani HEC 2013 (Director)
  • Justin Maheu HEC 2012 (Director)
  • Célia Kodja HEC 2015 (Director)
  • Sophie Quevillon HEC 2011 (Director)
  • Myriam Laroche HEC 2017 (Director)

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