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2020–2023 Strategic Plan

Priority projects

Make our mark

HEC Montréal has chosen to implement nine major priority projects which will illustrate and realize its vision. Projects already underway will continue moving forward, while other projects will be added over time.

Set our sights on downtown and make a base for HEC Montréal there

Successfully complete our building project in the downtown business district.

  • Deliver a quality building on schedule
  • Manage change to ensure a smooth transition
  • Successfully integrate the School into its new neighbourhood
  • Develop and highlight HEC Montréal’s teaching, research and knowledge-transfer activities
  • Demonstrate the relevance and added value of HEC Montréal’s presence in the heart of the business district
  • Fulfil commitments to donors, governments and partners

Sponsor reporting to the Executive Committee (CODIR): Loretta Cianci
Officers: Loretta Cianci and Céline Bareil


Overview 2020-2022

  • Construction continues on schedule and the official opening is planned for fall 2022.
  • A multi-sector team responsible for the fall 2022 program of downtown activities and a team responsible for the program of flagship activities in 2023 were created.
  • Recommendations of 15 of the 17 projects by the transition committee were approved and are being carried out.
  • The community of downtown managers and the ambassadors’ network were created and are meeting regularly.
  • 7 lunch talks on different themes were offered to all School staff.
  • Internal and external websites have been updated regularly and discussions with the neighbourhood have continued.
  • The fundraising campaign by the HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office associated with the construction of the new building continued and raised substantial donations.

Accentuate experiential learning

Establish new administrative structures and optimize existing ones, with a view to promoting experiential learning (e.g., through flipped learning, company internships, simulations, or academic competitions).

Sponsor reporting to CODIR and officer: François Bellavance


Overview 2020-2022

  • The Academic Competitions Department was created.
  • An internship office was set up.
  • Approximately 10 experiential courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels were created.

Create an ecosystem in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and organizational ethics

Bring together all our actions, partnerships, collaborations and resources in a unifying ecosystem.

Sponsors reporting to CODIR: Johanne Turbide and Caroline Aubé
Officer: Luciano Barin-Cruz


Overview 2020-2022

  • Consultations were undertaken with several dozen people, among them:
    • 50 people involved in this field, whether internally or externally
    • 19 people representing research centres and groups in Quebec and abroad
    • 12 people representing Quebec organizations involved in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics
    • 15 members of HEC Montréal faculty
  • Major issues were identified and a detailed report on the consultation results and implementation proposal were submitted.
  • An advisory committee was established, including internal and external members reporting to the Director.
  • Strategic targets for developing an impact strategy were identified.
  • The School’s current performance was evaluated (basic data determined) for key indicators associated with strategic targets.

Communicate to engage and make our mark

Develop strategies and means to improve the reach of our communications, enhance the HEC Montréal brand and promote mobilization.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Natalie Roussel
Officer: Marc Tulin


Overview 2020-2022

  • Analysis and recommendations by an interdepartmental collaborative team to determine the strengths, challenges, threats, opportunities and risks related to the School’s communications.
  • Audit the HEC Montréal brand by undertaking perception surveys of key audiences.
  • Develop a positioning strategy.
  • Review the tone and visual identity of the brand.
  • Set up an intranet (underway)
  • Place advertisements in different publications to highlight our mission and achievements.

Exploit digital technology

Identify possible applications of digital technology to support teaching, research, administrative processes and both internal and external collaboration. Major projects will start in 2022-23 so as to carry out a digital transformation, strengthen our foundations and improve students’ digital experience.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Alexandre Auger
Officer: Mickaël Brancourt


Overview 2020-2022

  • Set up a collaborative team to evaluate possible solutions in order to:
    • Generate new ideas on digital technologies and their use, as well as the processes and governance mechanisms of information resources
    • Deploy these innovations throughout the School.

Initially, the team will focus on Pedagogy and Research. It will then extend its action to Administrative Processes and Collaboration, both internally and externally.

Support and retain our talent

Deploy a set of value-added practices in organizational development and talent management with a view to enhancing the experience of staff members and increasing their loyalty.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Isabelle Faucher
Officer: Hélène Boudreault


Overview 2020-2022

  • A series of measures undertaken during the pandemic (staff surveys and ongoing communications, enhanced training and remote work; implementation of a virtual medical service for staff; remote support for ergonomics, etc.) These measures allowed us to develop new rules for organizing work time to continue post-pandemic, and material for training and applying these new arrangements offered at HEC Montréal.
  • Instructions on talent acquisition were completely reworked to integrate concepts of management and staffing of internal talent, through individual development plans.
  • A new recruitment system (ATS) named TALÉO was introduced, integrating an up-to-date and more representative image of the School’s dynamic nature.

Offer a welcoming, equitable, diversified, inclusive and safe environment

Take concrete steps to ensure a healthy study, working and living environment for all members of the HEC Montréal community.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Johanne Turbide

Perfect our practices and efficiently manage our resources and risks

Review our operations and processes to ensure we apply best practices.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Piero Greco
Officer: Véronique Bois

Overview 2021-2022

Strengthen the impact of our management knowledge by collaborating with external partners

Take part in ambitious collaborative projects addressing social issues.

Sponsor reporting to CODIR: Caroline Aubé


Overview 2021-2022

  • Participate as a partner in three major grant applications to the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, in the areas of artificial intelligence, health and sustainable development.
  • Prepare two NSERC Alliance grant applications on person-machine interactions, involving about 15 organizational and government partners (for a total budget of more than $16 M over 5 years).
  • Participate in 5 major grant applications to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, in co-operation with Polytechnique Montréal and other partners (for a total budget of about $47 M). The projects concern medical technology, urban water systems and sustainable development.
  • Set up the Institut de gestion des innovations en santé centré sur la valeur (value-centred health innovations management centre), initiated with the CHUM.
  • Participate in establishing the Centech Hub, an entrepreneurial innovation platform, with ÉTS and McGill.
  • Deploy the Réseau québécois de recherche en économie circulaire (Quebec circular economy research network), with Université Laval, ÉTS and Polytechnique Montréal.
  • Organize the 100th anniversary ACFAS congress with Université de Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal.


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