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2020–2023 Strategic Plan

Message from HEC Montréal Director Federico Pasin

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Message from HEC Montréal Director Federico Pasin

HEC Montréal launched a strategic planning exercise to plot its course for the coming years. The School already enjoys an enviable position in terms of teaching and research. Thanks to its exceptional faculty and quality programs, it is recognized as one of the world’s foremost business schools. It attracts students from around the globe and boasts a vast international network of partners. It can also rely on highly competent and committed staff.

HEC Montréal is recognized for its credibility, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to innovate. The School has constantly reinvented itself to keep pace with broad trends in Quebec, meet the changing needs of its students and advance management knowledge. As we enter a new decade, we have much to ponder. What should we focus on in the learning experience we offer? Are our research activities having the greatest possible impact? What type of campus and work environment do we want to create? How can we further emphasize social responsibility, sustainable development and ethics?

The 2020–2023 Strategic Plan that I am pleased to present here answers these questions and boldly paves the way to the future. It focuses on renewal, evolution and enrichment, and is driven by a very clear vision: the goal of making HEC Montréal a true hub of management knowledge, one that inspires, innovates and makes our mark worldwide. This is an ambitious vision, certainly, but I am convinced that it is within our grasp. The priorities laid out in this plan, just like the initiatives that we intend to carry out over this period, are concrete responses to a world undergoing far-reaching, rapid change. One has only to think of our new building in downtown Montréal, which will allow us to foster even greater collaboration and exchanges with the business community.

Féderico Pasin

Rigour, boldness and relevance are values that have defined HEC Montréal from the outset. These valuable pillars will continue to guide us, along with the commitment of our entire community. The Strategic Plan also revolves around collaboration, sharing ideas and interdisciplinarity – essential ingredients for translating our ambitions into achievements.

As I look back on everything we have accomplished in recent months, I am very proud and I want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who took part in the consultations and this collective process. HEC Montréal has a rich history. Now it is up to us to build our School’s future together, showing the same passion and energy, and to write the next chapters in its inspiring story.

The Director,


Federico Pasin

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