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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for students

Last updated: September 20, 2021

COVID-19 Procedure

What is the procedure if a student or faculty member is infected with COVID-19? Will I be advised of the situation?

When a member of the HEC Montréal community undergoes COVID-19 screening, they must:

  1. Self-isolate at home, as per the public health rules
  2. Inform us by completing one of the following forms:

If a member of our community receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis:

  • Public health will conduct an epidemiological investigation with those who may have been in contact with that person.
  • In cooperation with public health, we will send these persons individual messages containing all the necessary information.

Modes of course delivery

How will courses be delivered in Fall term 2021?

The Ministry of Higher Education and Public Health have authorized a return to class. This means the School can welcome all students on campus, at the start of the new school year.

For newly admitted international students who need to obtain a Study Permit and who are not able to reach Montreal on time, some accommodations will be offered. However, international students in this situation will still have to take steps to be in Montreal as soon as they receive the letter approving their Study Permit.

The School will continue to monitor the health situation closely, and will, as needed, adapt measures to meet government guidelines.


What is the difference between distance learning and hybrid-flexible courses?

Remote courses

  • The course will be conducted entirely via distance learning, in person and at a scheduled time indicated in HEC en ligne. You must be present throughout the scheduled class timings, even if you are not in the Montreal time zone.
  • Interactions with the teacher and other students will take place in real time.

Hybrid-flexible courses

  • The course will be conducted simultaneously via distance learning and in person, at a scheduled time indicated in HEC en ligne. You must be present throughout the scheduled class timings, even if you are not in the Montreal time zone.
  • This means that you can follow the course sessions entirely via distance learning and also interact with the teacher and other students, whether they are attending classes in person or remotely.
  • There will be no difference in course content or quality, whether you attend in person or remotely.


Where can I find the academic calendar and a list of deadlines?

Consult the academic calendar for all the important dates.


How can I get in touch with Student Services (SAÉ) remotely?

Student Services are still available.

By email, based on your needs:

Support for students with disabilities: sae.soutienhandicap@hec.ca
Psychological support: sae.soutien@hec.ca
Academic support: sae.soutienreussite@hec.ca
Financial aid: sae.afe@hec.ca
Scholarships: sae.bourses@hec.ca
International students: sae.accueil@hec.ca
Student life: vie.associative@hec.ca
For all other questions, email sae.accueil@hec.ca.

You can also consult the Support and resources pages, which will direct you to a number of online resources.

How can I connect remotely with the Office of the Registrar’s Zone Info?

Consult the Info Zone page.


I need psychological support. Who can help me?

Contact Student Services by emailing sae.soutien@hec.ca.
Check the Psychological Support page on our website. It will direct you to the various assistance resources that are available.

International students

I have been admitted to a program at HEC Montréal under the condition that I submit my official transcripts. How do I submit this document to HEC Montréal and what is the deadline?

For all information, read your program guide.


Am I still covered by my insurance?

If you are abroad
Insured by RAMQ: You must contact the RAMQ and the social security department in your country to check your coverage for the duration of your stay abroad and your return to Canada.
Insured by Sun Life: 60-day travel insurance is included. Beyond 60 days, make sure you have the insurance coverage of your choosing.

If you are in Canada
Insured by Sun Life: Please print your card.

Insured by RAMQ: RAMQ offices are not open to students.

If you have received your new CAQ: You must mail in the Application for a Health Insurance Card to renew your RAMQ registration. Enclose the required support documents with the form.

If your insurance coverage (RAMQ) is expiring and you have not yet received your new CAQ: the RAMQ can extend it until December 31, 2020 without this document. You will, however, be required to provide an attestation of enrollment from your school. To receive the extension request, please contact the RAMQ.

For extensions beyond December 31, 2020: you will need a new CAQ.


Why do I have to pay insurance fees if I am not in Canada?

For safety reasons, the School must make sure that all international students are covered, regardless of the date they arrive in Canada.

The premium amount is automatically added to tuition fees, as usual. Adjustments can be made upon your arrival (credit or refund), if applicable.

For details, read the notice regarding the annual health insurance premium.


I’m renting an apartment in Montréal. What should I do before I leave?

We strongly recommend that you inform your landlord (the person with whom you signed a lease) of your decision to leave Montréal.
Take the time learn about your obligations (e.g., rent owed). Indeed, you remain bound by the lease agreement that you signed.

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