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General Information

Last updated: September 21, 2021

Access to School buildings

  • Buildings are open to the entire community.
  • All spaces are accessible. The capacity of meeting rooms, classrooms and study rooms (including the trading floor and labs) is normal.


Health instructions

  • Procedural mask requirements:
    • For staff: mandatory, unless there is a physical barrier, the staff member is eating or drinking, is alone in his/her office, is seated 2 metres away from another person or teaching while respecting the 2-meter physical distancing rule.
    • For the students: mandatory, except during a meal.

Procedural masks can be recycled after use by placing them in one of the designated boxes.

  • Physical distancing must be respected. Staff must maintain a distance of two meters inside buildings and one meter outside. However, for the student body, the guidelines are as follows:
    • No distancing: In classrooms, student association offices, student workspaces, e.g., study rooms and library.
    • 1 metre: In common areas, e.g., hallways, elevators, washrooms, waiting room.
    • 2 metres: In dining areas, such as cafeterias.

For detailed instructions, see our summary table.


Before coming to the School


  • Courses are given in-person or in hybrid-flexible (adapted face-to-face).
  • In-person research activities are given in-person.
  • Incubator and accelerator activities are conducted in-person. Coworking spaces are open for individual use by entrepreneurs.

Activities outside or inside our buildings

You must respect, depending on the type of activity:

  • the number of people allowed;
  • the requirement to wear a procedural mask if applicable;
  • physical distancing rules.

See detailed instructions for each type of activity.


 Please always have an alternative for your activities in the event that the health situation requires a further tightening of restrictions on campus.


Activities organized by the School outside Canada

Activities organized or funded by the School (e.g., professional courses or events) that were to take place outside Canada are cancelled until further notice.

Executive Education courses

All activities continue as normal, both in-person and remotely, in compliance with current guidelines.  


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