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Wireless Connectivity
HEC Montréal - Wireless Network Connection Procedure

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HEC Montreal offers a secure high capacity wireless network based on the 802.1x authentication protocol (PEAP) and the WPA/WPA2 (Enterprise) secure protocols. It is available at the following locations:

3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine:
All classrooms, study rooms, publics areas and administrative offices. 

5255 Decelles:
All classrooms, study rooms, public areas and administrative offices, except basement. 

The wireless network is accessible under the name of HEC Montreal to all users of HEC Montréal having an active account (students, teachers, employees).

It is also available under the name of eduroam to users having an active account at another university member of the eduroam service.

The wireless network of the HEC Montreal do not require the use of a VPN client or authentication via your web browser however, a particular configuration is required to activate the new safety features of the network. It now supports 802.11b/g/n connectivity for greater speed and safety.

Requirements for HEC Montreal wireless network access

All modern operating systems should be able to connect to the new wireless network. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, WPA2 with AES mode should be supported without problem and thus provide the highest level of security offered by the system.

Click on one of these links to download the automatic configuration tool for your system.

  • On Mac computers, no configuration should be necessary since June 2011.

If you need to configure manually your computer, click on one of the following links

  • Windows 10 (French only)
  • Windows Vista (French only)
  • Windows 7 (French only)
  • Mac OSX - video

Requirements for eduroam wireless network access

If you already have configured a wireless connection at your home university, you probably don't need to reconfigure anything on your computer.  If not, you can follow the same procedure as for the "HEC Montreal" network.

When connecting to the wireless connection, make sure to select the eduroam network (SSID). You must authenticate yourself using your home university account followed by its domaine (example: and your password.

Click here for more details on using the eduroam network.


Confirm that the network adapter is active

Some models require to be activated through Windows. Some by using a combination of keys like Fn, Alt and Ctrl and a key between F1 and F12. For others, it can also be a switch on the computer that enables the wireless device. You should consult the user’s manual or the manufacturer's website for your computer or wireless device for more information on this subject.

Here are some examples of wireless switch location:
- on the Toshiba A10, the switch is on the left side of the computer;
- on the Toshiba A9. the switch is on the front of the computer;
- on the Lenovo T400 and X200, the switch is on the front of the computer.

The wireless network is not working ?

There could be problems connecting to HEC Montreal. The most common issue would be related to the password recognized by the network. If you have not changed your password in a very long time, it could cause an error while trying to connect the network. If so, the best solution is to reinitialize your password by connecting to the IT’s password change tool (

For the eduroam users, please verify first that you are connected to the eduroam network (SSID), and that you respect the required authentication format (see previous section). 
If there is a problem with your account or your password, you must contact your home university.

These problems may also have other sources such as the driver of your wireless adapter or your operating system not up to date. Try first to update the driver for your wireless adapter by getting up to date software from the manufacturer's website and make sure your operating system is updated through tools such as "Windows Update" Microsoft Windows.

It is also possible that your wireless adapter is managed by a third party software. In this case you should refer to the manufacturer’s documentation on using your network adapter or configuration software. Given the variety of equipment for wireless connectivity, we don’t have the resources to test and document the use of each of these tools or equipment.

If, for any reason, you need more information, feel free to contact the Support Center by calling (514) 340-6063 or by writing to

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