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What is eduroam ? 

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is an authentication service allowing students, staff, researchers and faculty to securely access wireless services at participating higher education institutions across Canada and around the world, without the need for obtaining a guest account. 

Who can use eduroam ? 

eduroam is accessible to all users of participating institutions having an active account. This service is offered free of charge.
It allows users from HEC Montreal visiting another participating institution, as well as users from other participating institutions visiting HEC Montreal, to log-in using the same credentials (User ID, password) they would on their own campus. 

How to get access to eduroam ? 

You need a laptop (or any other wireless enabled device) that supports the common wireless protocols, as well as 802.1X (secure authentication). The laptop needs to be set up to use the eduroam network (SSID) which can be found on every participating eduroam institution.

Click or detailed wireless configuration instructions.

eduroam at HEC Montreal 

HEC Montreal is an active member of eduroam and offers eduroam access on its whole wireless network since January 2011 (among the first in Quebec).

Actual student and staff members of HEC Montréal can access the eduroam network in all participating institutions around the world.
People who graduated or have retired from HEC Montréal after 1996 can also access the eduroam network.

All you have to do is :

  • Check the available network list on your computer or mobile device;
  • Connect to the eduroam network if available;
  • Use your HEC Montreal email address ( and email password as your credentials.

You can also use the HEC Montréal wireless connection documentation and change the HEC Montreal network name to eduroam: wireless documentation

Visitors from other institutions that are member of eduroam should consult their institution's web site or technical service to obtain details on how to connect to eduroam.
Here are references to some eduroam institutions around HEC Montréal :


eduroam elsewhere

For further information and to see participating institutions, please refer to the following links:
- Canada 
- World

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