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Connection procedure with Windows Vista

The following steps explain how to create and configure a connection profil to use HEC Montréal’s wireless network. Since manufacturers use different software to manage wireless networks and adapters, we will only describe how to configure our wireless network with the wireless network manager integrated into Windows Vista

Activating the wireless adapter
Some computer may have a physical switch to enable/disable the integrated wireless adapter. If so, make sure is turned ‘ON’.
Other models may require to be activated directly through Windows. Some by pressing a key combination such as Fn, Alt, Ctrl in combination with a key in the F1 to F12 range while others need to be activated through hardware configuration. You should see your network card or computer’s user manual or manufacturer’s web site to get more informations.

Connecting to HEC Montreal’s wireless network
To connect to HEC Montreal wireless network you will need to manually configure the connection’s properties.

Here are the steps to proceed :

Open the Start Menu and click on Connect To

In the Connect to a network window, click on Set up a connection or network

In the next window, click on Manually connect to a wireless network

In the configuration window enter these informations :

  • Network name : HEC Montreal
  • Security type : WPA2 – Enterprise
  • Encryption type : AES
  • Start this connection automaticaly : Check this if you want to connect as soon as the computer is in the network’s range.
  • Click next.

The network is now created. You now have to configure it. Click on Change connection settings

In the HEC Montreal Wireless Network properties click on the Security tab. In the Choose a network authentication method dropdown list, choose Protected EAP (PEAP) and then click on the Settings button

Note: If you do not want to enter your username and password every time you join HEC Montreal wireless network, you can check the Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network

Once in the Protected EAP Properties window :

  • Uncheck « Validate server certificate »

  • Uncheck « Enable Fast Reconnect »

  • On the Select Authentication Method choose « Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) »
Click the Configure button.

In the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window, uncheck Automatically use my Windows login name and password(and domain if any).

The customisation of the network is now over. Click OK three times which will bring you back to the Succesfully added HEC Montreal window. From this window, click Connect To.

Back to the Connect to a network window, select HEC Montreal and click the Connect button

Windows connects to network :

Windows will ask for additional login information. Click on Enter/select additional log on information

A window will appear to allow you to enter your credentials. The requested information is the same as your HEC en Ligne and Webmail (HEC’s email) username and password.

Windows validates the information :

A confirmation window indicates that the correct information was provided :

You can now use HEC Montreal wireless network.

Changing my HEC password
If you change your online HEC password (HEC en ligne, HEC email/webmail account) you will need to enter this new password at your next wireless connection.

Windows will warn you about a connection error to the wireless network HEC Montreal

Open the Start Menu and click on Connect To :

Choose HEC Montreal and click the Connect button:

Click Enter/select additionnal log on information:

A window will prompt you to enter your new credentials :

Windows will try to connect to the network with these informations. If you provided the right username/password you will be connected to the HEC Montreal wireless network.

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