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Installation and setup of the Bac-Pack virtual machine

Help article for the HEC Bac-Pack


What is the bac-pack?

* To be able to use Windows on your Apple computer, the use of Parallels Desktop is strongly recommended. The purchase cost of this software is to be assumed by students. You can however obtain a Windows license for free via the MS Imagine program. *

Bac-Pack 365 (with Windows 10 / 64-bits)

Before installing the Windows 10 based version of the Bac-Pack, please ensure your Mac is powerful enough. You'll need at least 8 GBs of memory (RAM)

During your class, you'll need to use software for which there is no direct Mac equivalent (ex. MS Access or SAP Lumira).  To bypass this issue, we created a virtual computer (virtual machine) which runs some software you'll need at HEC Montréal: the Bac-Pack .

The Bac-Pack will allow you to run Windows on your Mac as if it was simply another program: you get a full-fledged copy of Windows running alongside OS X on your Mac.

The Bac-Pack contains a full version of Windows 10, which must however be activated, as well as a full copy of MS Office 365, including Access. HEC Montréal offers its students a complete and free license for Office365. You can connect and download it through the link on the desktop using your email (ex : and email password.  You get 5 copies of Office 365, which you can install on any computer, including your Mac.

The Bac -Pack also contains other preinstalled software: SAP GUI, SAP Lumira (trial) and the drivers for Lumira (under c:\Drivers).



Once installed, the Bac-Pack allows you to run Windows on your Mac seamlessly. This virtual machine has a disk space of 40 GB, and since your Mac needs at least 10 GB of free space on the hard drive, you'll need a total of 50 GB free before you begin. We also recommend downloading the file at HEC, our internet link being extremely fast.

*You'll need a password provided by your teacher for the download below.*

Windows 10:


Here is the link for Virtualbox, the program needed to run the Bac-Pack :

Please note: You'll need version 5.1 or above of Virtualbox, otherwise the Bac-Pack will not run.



Virtual box installation and virtual machine setup:


Here are the instructions to install Virtualbox. 

1. Double-click on the file"VirtualBox-5.1.6-110634-OSX.dmg" which you previously downloaded. In the window that will open up, double click on "1.Double click on this icon: virtualbox.pkg". 



2. Once the installation is launched, click on "Continue" twice:


3. Next, click on Install and enter your administrator password. This is unique to your account on your own computer and cannot be provided by HEC.



4. Let the installation complete.You may need to click "Finish" at the end.




Next, we'll set up the virtual machine itself:

1. Open the previously installed Virtualbox. 


2. Click on File,  then select "Import a virtual appliance". 

3. Select the Bac-Pack file you downloaded from your browser's Download folder.


5. You can then change the virtual machine settings to increase the amoung of memory and computing power. Only do so if you're comfortable with Virtualbox. Click on Next, then Import.



According to your computer's speed, the process can take from 5 to 60 minutes.  Once complete, you'll see the BackPack on Virtualbox's left pane with an overview of the virtual machine's hardware. Cliqck on "Configure", then on "Storage", then on the little disk with a + just right of "SATA controllers" under "Storage topology", then check "Leave empty", then click "OK". 


Then click on Start to launch the virtual machine.

The first notice will warn you it'll use your keyboard and trackpad as if they were the virtual machine's. Click on "Ok".

The second notice is similar, click on "Capture". You'll then need to enter a password for the  "bacpack" account, it's the same word ("bacpack"). Once you opened a session, click on  Control+Command to toggle between Windows and OS X.

You'll the need to install Virtualbox tools: click on the Devices menu, then on "Insert Guest Additions CD image". Return to the virtual machine and open the file browser (Start menu -> File Explorer). Select the D: drive (Virtualbox Guest Additions), and double-click on "VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64".

You'll then need to click on Yes on the permissions window that will appear:



The installation will then begin, you'll need to click  Next -> Next -> Install:



You'll encounter multiple alers similar to the one below. Please accept them all by clicking Install each time. 

Next, please reboot the computer. 


 Once rebooted, the virtual machine will almost be fully usable.


Opening and closing your Bac-Pack virtual machine (Windows 10)


To open windows, select the Bac-Pack in the left pane, and then click on the Start icon (the green arrow):

If you're done using the Bac-Pack, please close it, as it is very ressource intensive and will impair your battery life.  If you close your Mac while Virtualbox is running, you will lose any and all unsaved changes and might damage the virtual machine.


Activating your copy of Windows 10

HEC Montréal being part of the Imagine program from Microsoft, you get to use some of their software for academic purposes. To get the serial number to activate Windows 10, you'll need to subscribe to the Imagine program. However, you only get 1 copy of Windows 10, so make sure to only download it once. 

You'll receive an email from on how to subscribe, an an official invitation from . Please complete the following to finish the registration process.

1.Once registered, go to the following site: . The link is also on the desktop of the Bac-Pack virtual machine. The username is your student ID followed by (ex:, and the password that you chose during the download. 



Once logged in, select the "Operating System" category, then "Windows 10":



Next, click on "Add to the basket", then on "Règlement Express" underneath:

Click on "Règlement Express" a second time on the window that overlays on the page.


Next, click on "No du reçu":


Write down the serial number that appears:


Now that you have a serial number, we can activate Windows. In the Bac-Pack, click on Start -> Control Panel -> Update and Security:



Next, click on "Activation":



Next, click on "Change product key". Enter the serial number you obtained from MS Imagine.





Once the serial # is entered, click on "Close" or "Finish" once the process is complete. You may also need to reboot. 

You now have a fully operational Windows 10 virtual machine running on your Mac. Look on the desktop for relevant shortcuts. 

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