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Affaires internationales

En affaires internationales, on travaille sur l’économie du développement, l’économie sociale et le transfert technologique. 

Martin Coiteux

  • Innovation sociale en Amérique latine

Publications récentes

  1. COITEUX, Martin; LEROUX, François, «Les affaires internationales dans un environnement transformé par la mondialisation», Gestion - revue internationale de gestion, Vol. 32, no 3, Automne 2007, p. 121-128.

David Pastoriza-Rivas

  • Le capital social dans l’entreprise multinationale

Publications récentes

  1. PASTORIZA RIVAS, David; ARINO, Miguel A.*; RICART, Joan E., «Creating an Ethical Work Context: A Pathway to Generate Social Capital in the Firm», Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 88, 2009, p. 477-489.

Aurélia Durand

  • Valeur des relations clients-fournisseurs dans l’éco-industrie
  • Relations clients - fournisseurs et responsabilité sociale


Marlei Pozzebon

  • Aspects politiques et culturels du transfert de technologies (global/local)
  • TIC et développement local et durable
  • Innovation sociale, inclusion sociale, changement social, créativité citoyenne
  • Projets d'intelligence d'affaires dans un contexte de mondialisation

Marlei Pozzebon, aujourd'hui professeur au service des affaires internationales, anciennement au service de l'enseignement des technologies de l'information a produit plusieurs publications sur les liens entre les technologies de l'information et développement durable.

Publications récentes

  1. LAVOIE, Frederic, POZZEBON, Marlei and RODRIGUEZ, Lauro (2011), “Challenges for Inclusive Finance Expansion: the Case of CrediAmigo, a Brazilian MFI”. Accepted for publication at Management International.
  2. ARROYO, Paulina; POZZEBON, Marlei, «Implementing a Three-Level Balanced Scorecard System at Chilquinta Energia», Revue internationale de cas en gestion, Vol. 8, no 2, Mai 2010, 30 p.
  3. Petrini, Maira & Pozzebon, Marlei (2010), “Integrating sustainability into business practices: learning from Brazilian firms”. In: BAR – Brazilian Administration Review. [CSR12] Vol. 7, No. 4, pp 362‐378.
  4. Pozzebon, Marlei; Arroyo, Paulina & Fleury, Angela (2010) “Sustainable Scorecard as an Actionable Framework or Managing Sustainability: the Case of Tube Brazil”. In: Corporate Environmental Management Information Systems: Advancements and Trends. Edited by Frank Teuteberg and Jorge Marx Gomez, Business Science Reference, New York, USA, Chapter 25, pp. 409-424.
  5. Pozzebon, Marlei; Diniz, Eduardo & Jayo, Martin (2009) “Chapter II: Adapting the Structurationist View of Technology for Studies at the Community/Societal Levels”. In:  Handbook of Research on Contemporary Theoretical Models in Information Systems, Editors: Dwivedi, Y.K, Lal, B., Williams, M.D., Schneberger, S.L., and Wade, M.R. Information Science Reference, IGI Global, Hershey, PA, USA, Chapter II, pp. 18-33.
  6. Pozzebon, Marlei (2009) “Negotiations Between Global Principles and Local Contexts”. VDM Verlag, 364 pages.
  7. Petrini, Maira & Pozzebon, Marlei (2009) “What role is “Business Intelligence” playing in developing countries? A picture of Brazilian companies”. IN: Data Mining Applications for Empowering Knowledge Societies". Edited by Rahman, Hakikur; IGI Global, Chapter XIII, pages 241-261.
  8. Petrini, Maira & Pozzebon, Marlei (2009) “Managing Sustainability with the Support of Business Intelligence Methods and Tools”. In: Information Systems, Technology and Management: ICISTM 2009, Edited by: Sushil K. Prasad, Susmi Routray, Reema Khurana, Sartaj Sahni Ghaziabad, India, Springer. 
  9. Jayo, Martin; Pozzebon, Marlei & Diniz, Eduardo (2009) “Microcredit and Innovative Local Development in Fortaleza, Brazil: the Case of Banco Palmas”. Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Special Issue on Social Innovation and Territorial Development, Edited by Klein, Juan-Luis, 32 (1), pp.113-128
  10. Petrini, Maira & Pozzebon, Marlei (2009) “Managing Sustainability with the Support of Business Intelligence: Integrating  Socioenvironmental Indicators and Organizational Context”. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 18 (4), pp. 178-191.
  11. DINIZ, Eduardo; POZZEBON, Marlei; JAYO, Martin, «The Role of ICT in Helping Parallel Paths to Converge: Microcredit and Correspondent Banking in Brazil»
    Journal of Global Information Technology Management, Vol. 12, no 2, special issue on Information Technology Research in Brazil, Avril 2009, p. 80-103.
  12. Diniz, Eduardo; Pozzebon, Marlei & Jayo, Martin (2009). “A Conceptual Model for Studying Correspondent Banking and Microcredit in Brazil”. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM), Special Issue on “Information Technology in South America”, 12 (2), pp. 80-103.
  13. DINIZ, Eduardo; POZZEBON, Marlei; JAYO, Martin, "The Role of ICT in Improving Microcredit: The Case of Correspondent Banking in Brazil", Cahier du GReSI # 08-03
    Septembre 2008, 22 p.
  14. Petrini, Maira & Pozzebon, Marlei (2008) “The Implementation of ERP Packages as a Mediation Process: The Case of Five Brazilian Projects”. IN: "Enterprise Resource Planning for Global Economies: Managerial Issues and Challenges", Edited by Ferran, Carlos and Salim, Ricardo. Idea Group Inc., Chapter XI, pages 189-206. “
  15. Pozzebon, Marlei, Tatih, Ryad & Pinsonneault, Alain (2006) “Combining social shaping of technology and communicative action theory for understanding rhetorical closure of IT”. Information Technology and People, Special Issue on Critical Research in Information Systems, 19 (3), pp. 244-271.

Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné

  • Économie de l'environnement

Publications récentes

  1. "Emission taxes when the impact of pollution depends on distance" (with Walid Marrouch), 2010

  2. “Emission Taxes and the Market for Abatement Goods and Services”  (with Maia David and Alain-Désiré Nimubona), Resources and Energy Economics, 2010

  3. “Pollution Abatement Subsidies and the Eco-industry” (with Maia David), Environmental and Resource Economics, vol. 45, no. 2 (2010), 271-282.

  4. “Finance and the Environment – Hedging against Environmental Risks” (with Jean-Louis Bertrand), in The Oxford Handbook of Business and the Environment, Pratima Bansal and Andrew Hoffman, eds., Oxford University Press, 2010.

  5. “Multinationals in Remote Communities – Rio Tinto ALCAN’s Experience in Nurturing Local Business” (with Justine Quenneville-Éthier), in Corporate Social Responsibility: From Compliance to Opportunity, Patricia Crifo and Jean-Pierre Ponssard, eds., Éditions de l’École polytechnique, 2010.    

  6. “The Environmental Goods and Services Industry,” International Review of Environmental and Resources Economics, vol. 2, September 2008, p. 69-99   

  7. “Le développement durable : vers un nouvel esprit d’entreprise,” Revue Gestion 32 2008, 46-53.

  8. “Informational Regulation of Industrial Safety – An Examination of the U.S. Local Emergency Planning Committees” (with Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin and Ingrid Peignier), in Frontiers in the Economics of Environmental Regulation and Liability, M.Boyer, Y.Hiriart and D.Martimort, eds., Ashgate, 2006

  9. “Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance and Top Management” (with Claude Francoeur and Réal Labelle), Journal of Business Ethics 81 2008, 83-95.

  10. « Analyse économique et préservation de la biodiversité », Économie publique 16 2005, 11-24 

  11. “Environmental Regulation and the Eco-Industry,” (with Maia David) Journal of Regulatory Economics 28 (2005), 141-155  

  12. “Calcul économique et développement durable,” Esprit Critique, hiver 2005 [Article de tête]

  13. “Corporate Sustainability Reporting” (with Réal Labelle and Alain Schatt), in Corporate Social Responsibility Volume 1.2 – Accountability and Reporting, José Allouche, ed., 2005

Ari Van Assche

  • Commerce international, économie de la Chine, entreprise multinationale
  • Santé et pays en développement

Publications récentes

  1. “HIV/AIDS and Time Allocation in Rural Malawi” (with Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Philippe Anglewicz, Peter Fleming and Catherine van de Ruit), Demographic Research, mai 2011.
  2. “Is Our World Going to Get A Whole Lot Smaller?” (with Byron Gangnes and Alyson Ma), CIRANO Scientific Papers 2011s-31, February 2011.

  3. “Why Do Developing Country Multinational Firms Find Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid?” (with Alyson Ma), January 2011.

  4. "Electronics Production Upgrading: Is China Exceptional?” (with Byron Gangnes), Applied Economics Letters 17(5), March 2010, pp. 477-482.

  5. "Input Specificity and Global Sourcing," (with Galina Schwartz), Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 24(1), March 2010, pp. 69-85.

  6. “Global Production Networks and China’s Processing Trade” (with Alyson Ma and Chang Hong), Journal of Asian Economics 20(6), November 2009, pp. 640-654.

  7. “China’s Trade in Crisis” (with Alyson Ma), AIB Insights 9(2), October 2009, pp. 11-15.

  8. Institutions and Multinational Ownership Strategy” (with Galina Schwartz), CIRANO Scientific Papers 2008s-07, March 2008.

  9. HIV Does not Disproprotionately Affect the Poor in Sub-Saharan Africa” (with Vinod Mishra, Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Robert Greener, Martin Vaessen, Rathavuth Hong, Peter Ghys, Ties Boerma, Shane Khan and Shea Rutstein), AIDS 27 (Suppl 7) December 2007, pp. S17-S28.

  10. "Regulation, Market Structure and Service Trade Liberalization" (with Denise Konan), Economic Modelling 24:6, November 2007, pp. 895-923.

  11. "Scarcity of User Information and the Link between Computer Security and Reliability," (with Galina Schwartz and Peter Honeyman), February 2007.

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