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Jeudi 15 septembre 2011 de 12h15 à 13h30


What gets measured gets managed ?

Exploring the mechanisms by which SRI indices influence responsible corporate behavior



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Rieneke Slager is a Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the international Centre for Corporate Social Responsability (ICCSR) at Nottingham University Business School in the UK.

Her work focuses on metrics and tools in the area of corporate social responsability and SRI, exploring pratices of institutional work and standardization.



A growing number of Social Responsible Investment (SRI) indices have been developed in the wake of increasing interest in SRI by both retail and institutional investors, such the FTSE4Good Index, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and the Jantzi Social Index. SRI indices use pre-set selection criteria to measure the social and environmental performance of corporations. Employing perspectives derived from institutional theory and organisational sociology, the research explores how measures used in the SRI market are developed and employed to change corporate behaviour.

I draw on archival data and interviews to study the institutional work involved in the creation and maintenance of the FTSE4Good index, the SRI index developed by FTSE Group in the UK. In addition, mixed methods are employed to study the organisational response to the process of index inclusion, finding that index inclusion may lead to a change in calculative organisational routines.

A theoretical framework synthesizing the different perspectives of the effect of metrics on organisational behaviour is proposed.



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