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AEMBA Energy Club Speaker Series

Mardi 22 mars 2011 de 17h30 à 18h30


A presentation from David Beauvais, the Smart Grid project leader for the National Research Council - CanmetEnergy.  

David's presentation and Q&A will provide an overview of the technologies, emerging actors and the business model that is set to impact the energy industry


David Beauvais' bio from LinkedIn:

David Beauvais is the Smart Grid Project Leader at CanmetEnergy - Natural Resources Canada. His responsibility is to support the development of a smarter grid that will facilitate the integration of renewable energy technologies, electrical vehicles and smart appliances. His work focuses on addressing barriers to smart grid implementation, conducting costs and benefits assessments, and providing support to industry to overcome technical issues. Prior to joining CanmetEnergy, he was involved in network planning, energy conservation and automation studies and projects at Hydro-Québec. At the energy board of Quebec, he analyzed the transmission cost and O&M efficiency. Before joining CanmetEnergy, he worked for the engineering firm AECOM, on electrical utility reinforcement projects in foreign countries.


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AEMBA - Energy Club Speaker Series
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