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Challenges of ‘Going Green’: HCL Infosystems in India (The)

Ritu Narang

2008, 14 pages + annexes

This case is based on India’s leading information technology company, HCL Infosystems, which has not only introduced new technologies, but also created a market for them through education. It has also been successful in taking IT to the grassroots level by offering cheaper hardware than its competitors.

It came as a shock for the company to learn that not only had it scored poorly in the rankings of the Indian Guide to Greener Electronics, released by Greenpeace in 2007, but it was accused of ‘greenwashing’ for supplying computer systems containing toxic components. The company took immediate action to repair the damage done to its reputation. However, intermediate and long-term steps towards going green necessitated huge investments in R&D in order to develop alternate technologies and substitutes for toxic chemicals and to manage safe waste disposal programs. The adoption of the EPR principle was also fraught with problems. The company faces the challenge of adopting measures to eliminate/reduce e-waste while pursuing its strategy of low pricing.

Mots clés : HCL Infosystems, greenwashing, extended producer responsibility, greenpeace activists


Implementing a Three-Level Balanced Scorecard System at Chilquinta Energía

Paulina Arroyo, Marlei Pozzebon

2006, 11 pages + annexes

This case describes the implementation of a business intelligence project in a South American holding composed of Chilquinta Energía, the third-largest distributor of electricity in Chile and one of the leading energy companies in Latin America, Energas S.A., which distributes natural gas to 34,000 customers in Chile, and Tecnored, an energy service company. Balanced scorecard concepts are not easy to put in place and the Chilean group decided to adopt an original and difficult approach: to learn and implement the BSC without the traditional leadership of external consulting. Despite the success of the implementation, the case outlines the ongoing challenges facing this type of multi- functional project.

Mots clés : balanced scorecard, business intelligence  

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