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Chhetrapati Vocational School

Al Rosenbloom

2006, 12 pages + annexes

This case explores whether Kiran Kharki, the Executive Director of Chhetrapati Vocational School (CVS), should jump on the bandwagon and develop an e-tailing website for his organization. CVS is a nonprofit organization located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The CVS's mission is to provide job training skills to the poorest, most destitute women and children in Nepal. CVS uses its job/skill training programs in Tibetan carpet weaving, handicraft knitting and carpentry to manufacture products for domestic and international sale. In turn, CVS uses the revenue from these product sales to support its overall operations. The case reviews CVS's marketing efforts to date (2002). The case is set against the backdrop of social and political unrest in Nepal, where a Maoist insurgency is affecting the political and economic life of the entire country.

Mots clés : e-commerce, marketing strategy, nonprofit organization, global marketing  

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