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Web site's privacy policy

No personal information is gathered by the web site without the visitor’s prior consent.

Google Analytics

HEC Montréal’s web site uses the Google Analytics service.

This information must be exchanged in order for the server to provide the web site’s user with an electronic file compatible with the user’s computer equipment. Information is also stored by HEC Montréal in order to allow it to track the number of visitors, the most frequently visited pages, the technology used by visitors to the site, the referring sites, and visitors’ country of origin.


HEC Montréal’s web sites place permanent or session cookies on the user’s hard disk. Whereas some cookies serve to speed up browsing, others track the number of times a user visits a particular HEC Montréal site within a given period. In order for certain HEC Montréal sites or sections to work properly, the browser being used must be set to accept cookies.



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