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Need-based bursaries

Need-based bursaries were designed to help a student who lives a punctual difficult situation that could compromise the continuation of his studies and for which extra financial aid would help to remedy the situation.

Eligibility requirements

All students who meet the following criteria can apply for a need-based bursary if necessary:

  • Be a full-time student (or deemed full-time registered under the financial assistance for education);
  • Have completed one term of full-time studies or that is deemed full-time studies;
  • Do not be enrolled in the school as part of an international exchange program;
  • Demonstrate a one-time financial assistance need (i.e. precarious financial situation of short duration);
  • Have at least the minimum GPA required in the program

Submit an application

Fill out the online form (only available when contests are open)

  • Complete only one form for all need-based bursaries.
  • The name of recipients will remain confidential.

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