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HEC Montréal Logo

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Protective zone

The HEC Montréal signature must always be surrounded by a protected zone (blank space) as illustrated. No graphic element whatsoever may encroach upon the protected zone, regardless of the medium used. Care must also be taken to ensure that the format of the medium itself is larger thant the protected zone. In other words, the top, bottom and sides of the logo must be sufficiently distant from the edges of the medium.

Official colors of the signature

Official colors are used to ensure that the signature maintains its integrity and credibility in every possible situation.

One PMS color Four-color process RGB Web


Use of colors

Whenever the printing process or communications medium permits, the signature must appear in blue against a white background, or in white against a blue background. If it proves impossible to reproduce the signature in blue, it must appear in black against a white background, or in white against a black background. There must always be a sufficient degree of contrast.

If the signature is positioned against a photographic background, care must be taken to avoid any visual encumbrance around the signature, to maximize legibility and contrast.

Prohibited uses

The HEC Montréal signature must never be distorted or misrepresented by extending or compressing it, or modifying its geometry in any manner whatsoever. No decorative element must be added to the logo, to the background or to the foreground.

A - Misrepresentation

B - Typeface modified

C - Distortion

D - Graphical element added

E - Another name with HEC Montréal

F - Deviation from official colors

G, H, I - Background hinders legibility; insuficient contrast
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