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HEC Montréal Brand

HEC Montréal, the acronym (HEC) and the name of the city are simply placed side by side, with no hyphen. In texts, only the initial letter of the word Montréal is capitalized, even though it appears all in capitals in the new logo. This is a graphics decision.

In English, the official name remains the same and the accent is kept on the é of Montréal.

Agreement (in French)

The word École is understood in the new name. Consequently, in French, verbs, past participles and adjectives agree with the word “école,” meaning that they are in the feminine singular. When referring to the School, use the pronoun “elle”.
Example : HEC Montréal a été fondée en 1907. Elle a délivré ses premiers diplômes en 1913.

Syntactic construction (in French)

Since the word “École” is understood in the new name, use the preposition de or à, as appropriate, rather than des or aux. In addition, since the adjective hautes is pronounced with an aspirated H, use de rather than d’ before HEC (no elision).

Example : Elle est diplômée de HEC Montréal (and not des HEC Montréal or d’HEC Montréal). Il étudie à HEC Montréal (and not aux HEC Montréal).

Finally, HEC Montréal is never to be preceded by the article les or l’ in French or the in English. Do not say or write the HEC Montréal, les HEC Montréal or l’HEC Montréal.

Dividing the name

As much as possible, do not split HEC and Montréal at the end of a line. The two parts of the name should be kept together as whenever feasible.


Repeated use

In a text, the name of the School may be written out in full (see below) if necessary, when it is used for the first time. Afterwards, it is better to use the official name HEC Montréal. To avoid repetition in a text where the name HEC Montréal comes up several times, you may use the School, always with a capital S.


Writing the name out in full

When the name of the school is written out in full, it must be as follows: École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal.

In English, Spanish or any other language, the name École des hautes études commerciales is not to be translated. The name of the city, however, may be rendered as appropriate in the language in question. For instance, in English we write Montreal’s École des hautes études commerciales or the École des hautes études commerciales of Montreal. In Spanish, it is la École des hautes études commerciales de Montreal.

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