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Ph.D. Admission

Admission requirements
Application deadlines
Application fees
Required documentation
Sending documents

Admission requirements

Academic Prerequisite

You have a master's degree


Minimum GPA Your GPA is excellent by HEC Montréal standards.
Language requirements

HEC Montréal has a linguistic requirements policy.

The advanced proficiency is required to be admitted.



Mandatory admission test

Before the application deadline for admission to the Ph.D. program, you have to do one of the tests below and obtain a score equal or greater than 70% of all tested participants.

TAGE MAGE (Test d’Aptitude aux Études de Gestion) OR
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) OR
GRE (Graduate Record Examinations - General Test)

Residency requirement While completing the program, you must reside in the Montreal region for a minimum of two consecutive years on a full time basis. For more information, please read article 6.4 of the HEC Montréal Ph.D. Program Rules and Regulations.
Other requirements

Ideally, a professor has agreed to chair your supervisory committee.

The program director must ensure that the participating universities have the combined available resources to provide you with a quality study program.

Please note that applications for admission are evaluated on the basis of the strength of applicants' files. However, since there is a limit on the number of students in the Ph.D. program, not all eligible applicants can be accepted for admission.


Application deadlines

Fall term Winter term Summer term
January 15 September 1 No admission

Please note that admission applications that are incomplete or that are received after the above deadlines will not be analysed. 

  Applied Economics Admission applications are not accepted for the winter term. 

Application fees

 Application form General Application fees Application fees for international students with study Permit (1) Methods of payment
Online $85.07 $263.57
($85.07 + $178.50)
Credit card only
* Two functions cards (credit/debit), debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted
Paper $117.23 $295.73
($117.23 + $178.50)
Cheque or bank draft  in Canadian currency payable to HEC Montréal.


 (1) Ph.D candidates are not concerned by international students fees. They only have to pay general application fees. International students with a study Permit will be charged an additional $178.50 due to a more complex admission process, excluding Ph.D. candidates.

Application fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

Required documents

Academic records
  • All official transcripts (originals or copies certified by the academic institution(s))1;
  • Photocopy of your degrees attesting previous university studies 1;
  • List of courses in which you are currently enrolled that do not appear on your transcript (for each course, please give the name of the academic institution where it is offered and the term during which you are attending it).

 1 Not required for studies completed at HEC Montréal.

Other documents
  • Certified documents proving that you hold your professional titles (from orders, associations, etc.), if applicable
  • One copy of your resume summarizing your primary tasks, responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Three letters of recommendation preferably from professors. The applicant and the referee must read all instructions in the form prior filling and returning it.
Language requirements
  • Results from language tests taken somewhere other than HEC Montréal must be sent to us directly from the organization that gave them.
  • Proof that you meet the language requirements applicable to your status (francophone, anglophone or hispanophone student).
Aptitude tests
Additional questions Please answer on a separate pages

1. Publication: list your main publications.

2. Research:
- Indicate the specialization that you intend to choose
- Even if you have not made a final decision, briefly describe the research project that you intend to undertake.

3. Selecting professors:
Specify the names of two or three HEC Montréal professors who might supervise your research (see on the link for Faculty).

4. Financing your studies:
- How do you plan to finance your doctoral studies in administration?
- State any contractual obligations, agreements, etc. that you have, if applicable.

5. If you have made more than one admission application to a Ph.D. program please indicates the chosen specialization and the academic institution for which you applied.

Others documents Please consult the table below to see documents to prove your status in Canada.

1 Not required for studies completed at HEC Montréal.


Status in Canada

  • If we do not receive the proof of your status, international fees will be charged.
  • Photocopies accepted.
Canadian citizen
born in Quebec
  • birth certificate (issued by le Directeur de l'état civil) with your place of birth, and your father’s and mother’s full names
Canadian citizen
born outside Quebec
Canadian citizen
born outside Canada
  • birth certificate with your place of birth, and your father’s and mother’s full names

  • both sides of your Canadian citizenship certificate or card

  • Québec Selection Certificate (if applicable)
    If you do not have that certificate and you are a Canadian citizen born outside of Canada, complete the Attestation of Québec Resident Status.
Permanent resident
  • birth certificate with your place of birth, and your father’s and mother’s full names 

  • both sides of your permanent resident card or your IMM-1000,  IMM-5292 or IMM-5688 immigration form

  • Québec Selection Certificate (if applicable)
    If you do not have that certificate and you are a permanent resident of Canada, complete the Attestation of Québec Resident Status.
International students When applying After the offer of admission

birth certificate with your place of birth, and your father’s and mother’s full names  


French citizens must add: 

  • valid passport of the French republic
  • valid national identity card of the French republic

  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), delivered by Immigration-Québec

  • Student permit, delivered by Immigration Canada

  • Following your request for admission, you will receive an email indicating your HEC student ID number required to access your HEC en ligne account in 3 business days.


  • Within five days after the receipt of this email, you must submit all required documents in PDF format via HEC en ligne under the “Admission” heading.

    Submission of the original or certified copies is required if you received an offer of acceptance from HEC Montréal.

If you are not able to send us your documents in a PDF format, email them or bring them to the Office of the Registrar no later than the admission deadline for application.


By mail

HEC Montréal
Office of the Registrar
3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road
Montréal, Quebec  H3T 2A7

For online application, you must:


  • print and attach a copy of the email “HEC Montréal – Admission – HEC en ligne


  • indicate your student ID number provided to you on each document.
In person

Office of the Registrar – Information Desk
5255 Decelles Avenue
Room 2.260
Montréal, Québec  H3T 2B1
Business hours



  • For any document not written in French or English, we require an official translation certified by:
  • All documents submitted become the property of HEC Montréal and will not be returned to the candidate.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • To know the status of your submitted documents; please access your HEC en ligne account.

    Definition of status
    Pending: Document sent.
    Received: Application under review.
    Unreadable: Poor quality document (incomprehensible or impossible to read all the information). Please resubmit.
    Inadequate: Document that is not accepted as proof; e.g. a baptismal certificate is not accepted as a proof of status in Canada.
    Incomplete: Missing duplexing document; e.g. Canadian citizenship certificate or permanent resident card.

  • Admission decision: 4 to 6 weeks after the admission deadline. For the Ph.D. program, the waiting time can be up to 10 weeks.

For paper application requests, please allow additional time.

No details will be provided before the specified deadline.

For more information, call 514-350-6151 or email.



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