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Program Structure

Two available streams
Preparing for your M.Sc.
"With Great Distinction" citation
High-calibre research
Daytime courses
 Full-time program

The M.Sc. is a 45-credit program with courses offered during the day. It can be completed in 16 months of full-time study, or within a maximum of 5 years. The program is structured to offer two streams. With many specializations from which to choose, you can select the one that best matches your interests and career goals. The job placement rate for graduates of our M.Sc. program hovers close to the 100% mark, so your bases will be covered, whether you want to embark on a career as an analyst, financial advisor, manager or specialized consultant, or even if you want to go on to earn a Ph.D.

Two available streams

The M.Sc. is available in two streams. Choose the one that suits you best:

  • Thesis
  • Supervised Project

Distinctions between the two streams

Thesis stream Supervised project stream
7 courses (21 credits)1 12 courses (36 credits)1
  • Research Workshop
  • Thesis (24 credits)2
  • Supervised Project: Research proposal, essay or written critique, conducting a research project in a lab or on-site in a business (9 credits)2
Total : 45 credits Total : 45 credits

1 One credit represents approximately 45 hours dedicated to an educational activity and includes personal work. Every hour of course time is assumed to require two hours of work on personal time.
2 A 24-credit thesis represents approximately 1080 hours of work. The supervised project represents approximately 405 hours of work.

Preparing for your M.Sc.

The M.Sc. program values the admission of applicants whose prior education in a field other than management or a specialization different from that pursued in the M.Sc. program. However, an update of your knowledge in administration may be required. Thus, upon your admission to the M.Sc. program, you may have to successfully complete preparatory and/or propaedeutic courses.


Preparatory courses

Depending on your academic background, you may be required to complete preparatory courses to be better equipped for your M.Sc. studies. A preparatory course is a 3-credit, undergraduate-level course in your field of study.


It is strongly advised to take them during your first semester in the M.Sc.


Propaedeutic courses

If your previous degree is in a field other than management, you may be required to complete propaedeutic courses. These 1-credit courses aim at giving you the basics in all the fields of administration. 


The propaedeutic courses that you may need to complete are determined by the analysis of your admission file. You have one year from your first semester to successfully complete your propaedeutic courses.


For further information about preparatory and propaedeutic courses,
watch this information video.


Preparatory and propaedeutic courses FAQ


“With Great Distinction” citation

Stand out and take the road to success! A citation of excellence is entered on the student's transcript for each term where the grade point average is at least 3.8, as soon as the number of credits contributing to this average has reached 15.


High-calibre research

Join an exciting, cutting-edge community of some thirty world-class research chairs and groups. Work side-by-side with professors and researchers who have productive ongoing ties with local, national and international businesses and organizations. Get involved in research projects and collaborate on articles published in journals of international renown.

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