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CFA® level I training program

The program will only be available in English.

January 20 to May 5, 2014 (class break on April 21)
15 training sessions on Monday from 6:45 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.

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 Program and content

This program is intended to provide participants with the requisite knowledge to sit for the level I examination of the CFA Institute’s Chartered Financial Analysts®’ program. The program will be held over 8 weeks (two sessions per week) in fall 2013 and 15 weeks (one session per week) in winter 2014. Those candidates enrolled for the level I examination of December 2013 or June 2014 will be able to start studying earlier and more importantly, they will be able to study on a regular basis, supported by a team of experienced trainers. Instructors will present and explain the more complex concepts of the study curriculum as outlined by the CFA Institute in the 2014 study guide and highlight the common pitfalls to avoid thus providing participants the best possible chance of successfully passing the CFA® level I examination. A significant portion of each session will be dedicated to practice questions. Trainers will use the CFA Institute curriculum and the educational materials developed by Schweser when preparing their training sessions.


 Program Coordinator

Alain Elkaim, M. Sc., FRM, CFA
Trading Room Coordinator, HEC Montréal

Sessions Subjects
Session 1 (study session 1):Ethics
Session 2 (study session 2):Quantitative Methods
Session 3 (study session 3):Quantitative Methods
Session 4 (study sessions 4 & 5):Economics
Session 5 (study sessions 5 & 6):Economics
Session 6 (study sessions 7 & 8):Financial Reporting and Analysis
Session 7 (study sessions 8 & 9):Financial Reporting and Analysis
Session 8 (study sessions 9 & 10):Financial Reporting and Analysis
Session 9 (study session 11):Corporate Finance
Session 10 (study sessions 13 & 14):Equity and Financial Markets
Session 11 (study sessions 13 & 14):Equity and Financial Markets
Session 12 (study session 15):Fixed Income
Session 13 (study session 16):Fixed Income
Session 14 (study sessions 12 & 18):Portfolio Management and Alternative Investments
Session 15 (study session 17):Derivatives


To provide participants with a structured study approach to training for the CFA® level I examination that will optimize their chances of success.


Candidates, finance professionals or other, enrolled, or planning to enroll, for the CFA® level I examination.


  • 950 $ (tax free)
  • 850 $ (tax free) - HEC graduates (3 years or less) and/or current HEC students (please provide your degree or transcript).

Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the program. Course material fees for individual study between sessions are not included. You may pay by credit card or by cheque payable to «HEC Montréal». Payment by Interac is not available. Parking fees are not included.

See General Information.


HEC Montréal

For complete information on this program, please contact Lyne Mathieu at 514 340-6046 or

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