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Trilingual B.B.A. courses

Gain a solid foundation in management as a member of a well-rounded group of 60 students with whom you’ll share a common schedule.

Organizational environment

24 credits

2nd term

In addition, you will need to register to two second-level courses (6 credits) in order to follow 15 credits of the second term.

Enrich your B.B.A. experience

And then some! 

  • Spend a term studying abroad as part of our International exchange program.
  • Complete a business internship
  • Take a course: Campus abroad
  • Take part in prestigious academic competitions, such as the Jeux de commerce and the Concours de la relève publicitaire.
  • Get involved in the student associations related to your specialization.

+  Honours stream

Eligibility criteria
Features of the Honours stream


The Honours stream is yet another way that academic excellence is recognized and highlighted at HEC Montréal. Moreover, an Honours degree opens doors to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) program of HEC Montréal.

The word “honour” is from the Latin Honor, meaning esteem.

Eligibility criteria

The Honours stream is open to students with a CGPA of at least 3.5 who have completed at least 57 course credits. 

Features of the Honours stream

In the Honours stream, students must replace the non-specialization complementary course block (9 credits) in level 3 with the following nine (9) credits:

  • course 3-019-12 Honor (offered in French);
  • an M.Sc. course in their specialization, or for students in Professional Accounting, course 3-916-13 Comptabilité financière : enjeux sociaux et environnementaux (accounting studies, course offered in French);
  • one additional complementary course : specialization course or non-specialization complementary course, or any other course authorized by the office of the program director.

The course 3-019-12 Honor is usually taken first. The Honours stream is open to students with a CGPA of at least 3.5 who have completed at least 57 course credits.

Professional Accounting stream :

In the case of students specializing in Professional Accounting, course 3-019-12 will be added to the required courses taken in level 3.  Depending on the accounting subject, students will complete their B.B.A. with either 93.

The Honours distinction will be noted on the transcript of students who meet these criteria and who complete their B.B.A. with a CGPA of at least 3.5.

Students who earn the Honours distinction and who have passed the selected M.Sc. course with an average of B- or higher may also have credit for this course applied toward HEC Montréal’s M.Sc. program if they register in the M.Sc. within five (5) years of obtaining the B.B.A.

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