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PhD in Administration


Phase I - Preparation (if necessary) 

Qualifying courses in the specialization (preparatory or introductory courses)

Phase II – Specialization: 30 credits 

  • 7 to 12 courses (depending on the specialization) 
  • Comprehensive exam (oral and written parts) 

This phase may include a first scientific paper. 

Phase III – Dissertation: 60 credits 

  • Public presentation of the dissertation proposal
  • Writing of the dissertation 
  • Defence

Phase II and III supervisory committees

The student is supervised by two committees. The Phase II committee validates the student’s coursework, supervises the scientific paper and administers the comprehensive exam. The Phase III committee (or dissertation committee) supervises the student’s dissertation research work.


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Program's particularities

Ph. D.
90 credits
Study type
  • Full time
  • Day
3rd cycle

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