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Off-campus work permit

The off-campus work permit enables interntional students to work outside the campus during their studies.

Conditions to respect at all time in order to get the off-campus work permit

  1. Attend a mandatory information session about off-campus work and fill the attendance sheet passed during that session. Please note that you must only assist to one information session throughout your studies at HEC Montreal.
  2. Have a valid study permit (check the expiry date).
  3. Have completed at least 6 months of full-time studies in a participating Canadian educational institution during the last 12 months.
  4. Fulfill the requirements of the educational institution(s) attended during the required 6 months. 
  5. Maintain a cumulative average of: 
    • 2.5 and above for the first year of 4-year B.B.A;
    • 2.3 and above for B.B.A.
    • 2.0 and above for undergraduate studies
    • 2.7 and above graduate studies
  6. Be enrolled as a full-time student in a program.
  7. Have an administrative file in good standing and up to date, which is to say that you have presented a copy of your immigration papers valid for the entire length of your term to the Registrar’s Office; you have paid your tuition fees on time; and you have settled your health insurance.

Steps to obtain a work permit

+  1. Attend a mandatory information session

Hiver 2014

Permis de travail hors campus:

  • Mercredi 12 février à 13h00, salle Louiseville, édifice Decelles
  • Mercredi 5 mars à 13h00, salle Louiseville, édifice Decelles
  • Vendredi 11 avril à 13h00, salle Chibougameau, édifice Decelles

 Atelier obligatoire pour tous ceux et celles qui souhaitent obtenir un permis de travail hors campus.

Note: inscription sur place, nous n'acceptons pas les retardataires qui arrivent plus de 5 minutes après le début de la séance.

Vous souhaitez travailler à temps partiel durant vos études? Vous aimeriez faire un stage au Québec? Vous finissez bientôt vos études et souhaitez travailler au Québec ? Pour acquérir de l'expérience de travail sur le marché québécois, renseignez-cous sur les possibilités qui se présentent à vous et planifiez bien votre immigration en fonction de vos besoins.

+  3. Apply for the Eligibility Verification Number (EVN)

Follow these steps in order to apply for the EVN:

  1. Log in to your GCkey account.
  2. Choose to apply for an Eligibility Verification Number (EVN).
  3. Fill out the online form:
    • Do not forget to check the box "Receive email notifications". Otherwise, you will not receive a notification concerning the processing of your application. In addition, do not forget to enter your address.
    • Once you have completed your eligibility application, it will be sent to the appropriate person at HEC Montréal. If your application is accepted, you will be assigned an Electronic Verification Number (EVN). If your application is rejected, you are ineligible for the program. Please read the eligibility criteria once more or attend an information session on work permits.

Please note: The EVN is only available for 60 days. If you do not follow up on your application, you will need to reapply for another EVN.

+  4. Send your documents

If you decide to fill the rest of your application electronically, you will need to digitalize the other documents required by CIC. Use the document checklist included with the online application to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  • It is important that you complete the entire application. By clicking on “I accept”, you acknowledge your responsibilities regarding the off-campus work permit. Be sure to understand them well.

If you decide to complete the rest of your application by mail, we suggest that you use registered mail.  You will need to include the following document.

+  5. Pay the fees

For online off-campus work permit applications, you will need to pay by credit card (yours or the credit card of a friend/family member).


For the off-campus work permit applications sent by mail, please follow the steps listed on the CIC website. 


Please note that you can apply for the renewal of your study permit and your off-campus work permit at the same time. 

  • When renewing your study permit, you can make a joint application for an off-campus work permit. CIC will then renew your study permit and issue an off-campus work permit with the same expiry date. It is important to submit both applications in the same way, which is to say, either electronically or by mail.

+  6. Reply from CIC

  • The average processing time to receive your off-campus work permit is 25 days, but it can vary (check the current processing time at the time of your application).
  • You can apply for a Social Insurance Number with Service Canada as soon as you receive your off-campus work permit. You employer will request it as soon as you are hired.
  • You will be able to start a job of any type as soon as you receive your off-campus work permit, as long as you fulfill the conditions required to obtain that permit. Please note that you are limited to 20 hours of work during the school year.

If you have any questions regarding the off-campus work permit online application, send us an email at

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