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+  Registration


Connect to HEC en ligne.

Follow the steps in the Registration video tutorials section.

First come first served basis; register as early as possible!

Should you have schedule conflicts (courses and/or exams), you are obliged to select another course.

Once a course is full, you will be on the waiting list:

  • 1 course only (2 waiting places available per course)
  • When a place becomes available AND if there are no class or exam scheduling conflicts with your other registered courses, you will be automatically registered to the course.
  • As registration is not garanteed, it is recommended to add an alternative course.

You can register for a maximum of 5 credited courses.


Registration video tutorials

IMPORTANT – Please contact your assigned advisor at the International Exchange Program for assistance with your course registration.  The number given in the help videos is intended for domestic students. 

+  List of courses

The official course list is available about one month prior to the registration period. Keep in mind that there will only be minor changes between the years. You can make a first course selection and validate it once the list has been updated.


Exchange students can only take courses from the B.B.A. program. 

To be considered a Full-time student, all international students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits (4 courses) for the B.B.A program.

Exchange students are only allowed to register for the courses listed below. 

If you register for a course not written on this list, HEC Montréal will not validate it. You will not be able to attend the course nor be credited for it at your home university.

Having a laptop is mandatory for many courses at HEC Montréal.


List of courses - FALL 2017

List of courses -WINTER 2018 




Schedules available on HEC en ligne.


Course outlines and academic content available on the Course Portal.


Course code

Course code starting with 2 = 2nd & 3rd year of  B.B.A. (ex: 2-000-00)
Course code starting with 3 = 3rd & 4th year of B.B.A. (ex: 3-000-00)


Language of instruction

Codes for courses in English end with the letter A (example: 2-100-00A – Marketing Management).

Codes for courses in Spanish end with the letter E (example: 2-100-00E – Fundamentos de mercadotecnia).

Codes for courses in French don't have a letter at the end (example: 2-100-00 – Marketing).

Waiting List

1 course only (2 waiting places available per course)

As registration is not guaranteed, it is recommended to add an alternative course

  • When a place becomes available, you will be automatically registered to the course
  • When a place becomes available and you receive an email, you have 72 hours to correct the situation in order to be registered to the course on the waiting list:

IF there is a timetable clash with another course you have already registered in: you need to cancel the course with the timetable clash.

IF you are already registered to 5 business courses: you need to cancel one of the registered course.

IF you are already registered to 4 or 5 business courses + 1 language course: you have to contact us.

+  Prerequisites

Make sure you meet the prerequisites prior to registration.

Requirements for each course are located on the Course Portal below the description and on the course registration system HEC en ligne. (Préalable = French for Prerequisites)

+  Workload

The workload requirement for HEC students in a regular program is 15 credits (5 courses) per term for the B.B.A. program. Exchange students can take a minimum of 12 credits (4 courses). 

A semester in the B.B.A. program consists of 15 weeks. 

A 3-credit course is 45 contact hours (15 X 3). + 90 hours of personnal work = 135 hours.

+  Language Requirements

Students are not required to pass any language proficiency tests. As an indication only, the following scores are recommended: 

=> English : TOEFL, minimum result of 560 (paper version), 220 (electronic version) or 83 (internet version - IBT), and IELTS ; 6.5

=> French : TFI; Minimum result of 750

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