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Facts and figures 2012-2013

Always at the forefront, since 1907 Research
Students and programs Commercialization and knowledge transfer
International exchange program Advanced resources
Alumni Administrative and support staff
Executive education Facilities
Faculty Foundation


Always at the forefront, since 1907

HEC Montréal, Canada’s first business school, maintains exacting standards of academic and scientific excellence in everything it does.

HEC Montréal was the first school in North America to be awarded AMBA, AACSB International and EQUIS accreditation.

HEC Montréal is an associate member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles de France and a member of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.

International Rankings – MBA Program

  • AméricaEconomía
  • Expansión
  • Forbes
  • The Economist (Which MBA? guide)
  • The Princeton Review

EMBA McGill - HEC Montréal

  • The Economist

And ...

Certification by the Canadian Association of Computer Science for the BBA Information Technology specialization
SAP certification program for certificate, BBA, MBA and MSc students
Professional certifications by the CFA Institute, GARP – Global Association of Risk Professionals and the CAIA Association for the Graduate Diploma in Financial Professions


Students and programs

Students by program (Fall 2013)



BBA1 3,733
Certificates2 5,597



EMBA McGill – HEC Montréal 70
MBA 294
MSc in Administration4 1,050
Master of Laws, Taxation option 33
MSc in Electronic Commerce 43
Master of Management of Cultural Enterprises 34
Master of Management in International Arts Management 14
Graduate diplomas5 1,467
Short Graduate Programs6 374



PhD (10 specializations)140
Total (excluding visiting students) 12,873
  1. Including the preparatory year.
  2. Certificates (21 different fields) are intended as continuing education for adults already working.
  3. Executive MBA in financial services and insurance offered jointly with the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School (Belgium) and the University of St-Gallen (Switzerland).
  4. Including students enrolled in preparatory courses.
  5. Includes the graduate diplomas in E-business, Marketing Communication, Public Accountancy, Taxation, Management, Supply Chain Management, Management of Cultural Organizations, Management and Sustainable Development and Financial Professions.
  6. Includes the short graduate programs in Process Performance Improvement - Health and Social Services, Business Analytics, Professional Practice – CGA, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and International Business.


Three language streams:

Bilingual (English and French)
Trilingual (English, French and Spanish)


Full-time: 1 year, in French or English
Part-time: 2 years, in French

MSc and PhD

MSc in Administration: track with a thesis or supervised project
PhD: 35% of the students in this joint program (HEC Montréal, McGill, Concordia, UQAM) are enrolled at HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal students

Number of countries of origin142

International students and permanent residents1



35.6% of the student body

Total 4,587
  1. Excluding visiting students (international exchange program)


Central and South America15.1%
United States and Mexico1.9%
  1. As percentages of the total number of international students


A Global Outlook

114 partner institutions, in 37 countries1

Latin America15
Canada and United States6
Near East1

Exchange students in 2012-20132

HEC Montréal students abroad332
Students from abroad at HEC Montréal429
  1. As at October 15, 2013
  2. Corresponds to the number of placements during the fall and winter terms


Campus abroad (2012-2013)

Destinations: Argentina-Chile, Brazil, France, Morocco and Switzerland for BBA and MSc students. Canada, India and Russia for MBA and MSc students.

Summer school (2012-2013)

HEC Montréal hosted groups of BBA students from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, other parts of Canada, China and Mexico, and MBA students from Brazil, the United States, France, Poland and Turkey.


Courses in business French, business English and business Spanish
Introductory courses in business Chinese, and Chinese business culture
Summer schools in business French – Language and culture, and business Spanish



73,000 alumni since 1907
7 chapters around the world
Networking and professionnal development activities
Alumni association and office in Paris: HEC Montréal Europe Alumni
Le Réseau HEC Montréal

Graduates in 2012-2013



BBA 988
B in Administration and BSc155
Certificates 1,725



MBA 225
MSc in Administration 328
Master of Laws, taxation option 35
MSc in Electronic Commerce 16
Master of Management of Cultural Entreprises 8
Graduate diplomas 663



PhD 32
Total 4,175


Placement rate1

BBA 94%
MBA 88%
MSc 98%
  1. 2011-2012
Career Management Service available to alumni throughout their careers.


Executive Education

In Montréal and around the world1

 Number of activities Number of participants

Canadian clientele

Executive programs331,536
Public programs1342,367
Customized programs1131,940
Total 280 5,843

International clientele

Customized programs for executives and managers24519
Graduate programs7105
Training of trainers88
Total 39 632
  1. 2012-2013 data

Percentage of activities by partner location

(international clientele)
North Africa and the Middle East36%
Latin America and the Caribbean26%

Languages of instruction
French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese*
*Teaching materials in Chinese and simultaneous translation
Main fields of expertise for international programs
Energy, health, sustainable development, airport sector, banking industry, multilateral organizations



By teaching department1

Accounting Studies 41
Applied Economics 28
Finance 23
Human Resources Management 17
Information Technology 20
International Business 15
Management 54
Management Sciences 24
Marketing 26
Operations and Logistics Management 16
  1. Includes full, associate and assistant professors (except professors on leave without pay), full-time lecturers and faculty lecturers. As at October 15, 2013.


% of international professors2 41.7%
% with a PhD81.8%
% of women31.8%
Average age49.1 years old
Number of hires in last 5 years3 69
  1. Includes full, associate and assistant professors (except professors on leave without pay), full-time lecturers and facuty lecturers.
  2. Born abroad, with dual or other than Canadian citizenship.
  3. June 1, 2009 to fall 2013 (for some categories as those listed in point 1).

By rank1

Lecturer2 37
Other3 31
  1. In addition there are over 500 part-time faculty lecturers.
  2. Includes faculty lecturers (2) and full-time lecturers (35).
  3. Includes guests (5), adjuncts (19), affiliates (6) and researcher (1).



Research at HEC Montréal has grown markedly over the past decade. The number of research chairs and units is up by 18% since 2003 and the School’s quota of Canada Research Chairs has risen from 4 to 7. The most rapid growth has been in the number of publications, up from 150 to more than 250 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific or professional journals.
25 research chairs, including 7 Canada Research Chairs
21 research centres, groups and laboratories
11 knowledge transfer hubs
Membership in 7 strategic research groups in Quebec1
$11.3 million in annual research funding
15 professors in the Royal Society of Canada
  1. Joint research centres

One year, in a nutshell1

260 articles in refereed journals
39 papers published in conference proceedings
77 professors and researchers published books or parts of books
526 papers at scientific conventions
$7.8 million in research projects and contracts
379 MSc theses and supervised projects and 22 PhD theses
  1. 2012-2013 data

Post-doctoral interns

During the 2012-2013 academic year, HEC Montréal hosted 25 post-doctoral interns.

On-line tool

From Success to Succession: guide to succession planning for family and other small businesses


Commercialization and knowledge transfer

Commercializing and knowledge transfer

The Department’s goal is to encourage synergy between the university community and industry, through:

sponsored research projects
commercialization of innovations resulting from research

Sponsored research at HEC Montréal means:

About $1.5 million for 2012-2013

Projects in different disciplines and industries

Collaboration with private, public-sector and parapublic organizations

Commercialization can take various forms:

Creating spin-off companies to commercialize technology
Granting commercial licences to firms
Developing valuable partnerships with industry the transaction portal for university innovations

Knowledge transfer takes place mainly through our transfer hubs, bringing together researchers and practitioners around such issues as health management, management of creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, media and many others.



Advanced resources


5,000 m²; 710 seats; open 7 days a week
42 computer terminals and wireless network
On-line resources
290 databases
81,220 periodical titles
Traditional Documentary Resources
356,530 books, 2,205 periodical titles (printed)
172,170 electronic books
3,270 audiovisual documents

Technology and Audiovisual

High-speed wireless network and 11,000 network connections
Videoconference environments and rearrangeable classrooms with cutting-edge multimedia infrastructure
Trading room with 24 workstations, Reuters and Reuters X-Cobra platforms, Bloomberg terminal, interactive boards and specialized software
Live or offline Webcasting
Video, audio and multimedia production service to support teaching and research
In-class technical support
Integrated management system for all administrative functions


Administrative and support staff

Professionals and research staff172
Total 5761
  1. Total number of full-time employees, with fringe benefits. There are also approximately 580 temporary employees. As at October 15, 2013.



2 cutting-edge buildings
75 classrooms and laboratories, 2 amphitheatres and 71 study and teamwork rooms
Fully equipped video recording studio
Main cafeteria (seats 560), smaller cafeteria (seats 230) and rooftop restaurant (seats 140)
Indoor parking (475 spots)
HEC Montréal daycare centre (2 sites)


Total raised in the last campaign: $9.3 million
Scholarships and bursaries awarded in 2012 thanks to our generous donors: $2.6 million
  1. January 1 to December 31, 2012.

Source of donations

Other individuals3%
Private foundations0.2%

Allocation of funds1

Scholarships and bursaries57.4%
Deferred gifts2 23.3%
HEC Montréal projects11.6%
Research chairs and centres5%
Student projects2.7%
  1. In accordance with agreements signed with donors.
  2. Comprising 93% planned gifts (bequests and life insurance policies)

HEC Montréal – Sustainable Campus
is a movement rallying the entire university community around three main spheres of activity: teaching, research and the School’s own environment.
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