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Overseas graduate studies

HEC Montréal delivers graduate diploma (D.E.S.S.) specialized graduate diplomas (D.E.S.S.) programs with training focussed on specific areas, such as the energy sector or sustainable development internationally.

The D.E.S.S. overseas study program wich is offered in French or English, is subject to the same standards of excellence as all other courses given at HEC Montréal with respect to admissions, teaching quality and the conditions governing success. Students admitted to these programs enjoy the same services and privileges as those studying on the HEC Montréal campus and obtain a diploma from HEC Montréal upon completion of their program of studies.

Overseas study programs

Program name Program type Partner’s country of origin
Specialized Graduate Diplomas (D.E.S.S.) D.E.S.S. – Energy Sector Graduate program, 15 months, 20 1.5-credit coursesChina
Specialized Graduate Diplomas (D.E.S.S.) D.E.S.S. - Management Graduate program, 12 months, 10 3-credit coursesLebanon


Specialized Graduate Diplomas (D.E.S.S.)

Typically spread out over one year, the D.E.S.S. (Diplôme d’études supérieurs spécialisées) is a graduate diploma program that can be given on a company’s premises or in partnership with a foreign university. A minimum number of students is required, and each student must meet HEC Montréal admission criteria.


Energy-sector Management – D.E.S.S. or MBA

HEC Montréal has partnered with number of Canadian and foreign oil, gas and electric companies to offer graduate management programs designed specifically for energy-sector executives since the late 1980s.

HEC Montréal offers a D.E.S.S in energy-sector management, as well as an MBA with an energy-sector management profile. In addition,  HEC Montréal can provide energy-sector businesses with the opportunity to register their executives in the regular MBA program, offered in English in Montréal. The Energy-sector Management specialization consists of 10 of the 38 courses in the MBA program.

Many of the 1,000 participants from a number of countries, who have completed one of HEC Montréal’s energy-sector qualification or certificate programs, are senior managers or executives in leading oil, gas and electric power organizations worldwide today.

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