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Overseas executive training

Each of HEC Montréal’s management training programs is made to measure and consists of a group of short professional-development seminars intended for managers and executives. They are flexible and can be customized to suit each company’s specific reality and needs. Courses can be given not only in English or French, but also in Spanish or Portuguese. A number of HEC Montréal’s seminars are also offered in Mandarin Chinese and other languages with the help of interpreters.

With its 250 faculty members, HEC Montréal can offer a wide variety of business training programs covering a range of general business topics including more specialized themes such as energy, sustainable development and healthcare.

Management training programs

HEC Montréal’s management training programs are generally made up of between five and ten seminars developed to give participants an overview of a given topic.

Seminars are generally two or three days long and are given by an HEC Montréal professor. Programs can  either be intensive featuring a series of tightly scheduled seminars, or spread out over a longer period such as a month. Seminars can be held abroad or at HEC Montréal.

At HEC Montréal, seminars can be structured as steady trips including conferences and site visits.

Two-or Three-Day Professionnal Development Seminars for Management Training

Seminar name Seminar name
Change ManagementIntroduction to Strategic Management
Human Resources ManagementEconomics for Managers
Energy and the EnvironmentFinancial Products
Energy Planning and Demand ForecastingInternational Capital Markets and Finance
Strategic Management for Healthcare OrganizationsRisk Analysis
Managing in a Regulated MarketFinancial Analysis
Energy Product MarketingTransportation Systems Management


General management training program

General business training programs offer seminars in areas such as management, human resources management, strategy, leadership and accounting. The content of seminars can be adapted to the company’s field of endeavour or the country’s specific situation.

General business training programs

Program name Program type Partner’s country of origin
Training Program for Managers30 seminars over 3 yearsTunisia
Global Enterprise Management10 seminars over 30 daysRepublic of Korea
Leadership Development Program10 seminars over 12 monthsRomania
Leadership Development Program1 three-day seminarPhilippines


Energy-sector business training program

HEC Montréal counts on a team of energy-sector experts, which includes fifteen well-known professors.

HEC Montréal has gained internationally recognition from the success of energy-sector development programs it has offered in China, Mexico, Algeria, Tunisia, Malaysia and Singapore.

This program for energy-sector executives and managers consists of 10 management seminars. Half focus on topics related specifically to energy, while the other half focus on more general aspects of business management. The program is complemented by lecturers from the energy industry and by site visits.

Examples of energy-sector business training programs

Program name Program type Partner’s country of origin
Energy-sector Management Training Program – Electricity10 seminars over 12 monthsChina
Energy-sector Study Trips4 weeks of seminars and visits to industrial sitesChina
Energy-sector Management Training Program – Petroleum10 seminars over 12 monthsAlgeria

HEC Montréal has offered graduate programs for energy-sector executives, since the late 1980s.


Management training program in sustainable development

Due its wide-ranging experience in the field of sustainable development, HEC Montréal is able to offer specialized training programs for businesses seeking to bring their management approach into line with sustainable development principles. Indeed, sustainability is the common thread that links all our energy-sector activities.

For over 15 years, HEC Montréal has emphasized sustainable development issues and practices by means of specialized courses on the subject. A team of committed professors have established a number of business training modules wich focus on sustainable development enabling businesses to improve their efficiency while adopting a responsible management approach.

In 2006, HEC Montréal launched the first graduate diploma program (D.E.S.S.) in Management and Sustainable Development. This diploma can be offered abroad.



Healthcare-sector management training program

HEC Montréal has developed recognized expertise in healthcare facility management designed to meet the growing needs and constraints of healthcare-sector managers and executives. Courses are taught by professors with solid understanding of the daily challenges faced at healthcare facilities and awareness of the concrete management practices to address them.

In collaboration with Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal can enrich the programs it offers in Montréal with specialized presentations and visits to health centres that have shown strong leadership and innovation.

Study trip for Management of healthcare organizations

Program name Program type Partner’s country of origin
Healthcare-sector Study Trip2 days of seminars and visits to healthcare facilitiesJapan
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