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The Conference Board of Canada

A new partnership between the Conference Board of Canada and HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal is proud to announce a partnership with The Conference Board of Canada (and The Niagara Institute) to provide business leaders and executives with opportunities to enhance their professional development.

This new partnership will enable us to further expand our continuing education program for 2015–2016. I urge you to explore the compelling content available through the major events offered in conjunction with The Conference Board of Canada. These include talks on a joint HEC Montréal/Niagara Institute leadership program.

Serge Lafrance, Director, Executive Education, HEC Montréal and Professor

Nearly two years ago, The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) and HEC Montréal teamed up to create the Institut du Québec, a socioeconomic research institute that draws on the know-how and credibility of its two founding partners. Today, CBoC is proud to take its alliance with Executive Education HEC Montréal one step further with a joint lineup of programs.

The HEC Montréal–CBoC partnership leverages the expertise of both organizations, with a full range of solutions in line with the challenges facing Quebec’s business community. This represents an unrivalled opportunity to break new ground and push the envelope to help our enterprises maximize their productivity and competitive edge.

As they seek to gain a better understanding of the business landscape and make smarter, better-informed decisions, participants will be able to tap into the experience of a veteran group of scientists and economists as well as some of the best research and analytical instruments in the country.

As we at The Conference Board of Canada pursue our growth across Canada, I am delighted to know that our roots in Quebec are strong and thriving, thanks to our partnership with HEC Montréal.

Daniel F. Muzyka, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Conference Board of Canada

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