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The CDPQ-HEC Montréal Going Global Program

Calling all growth-minded entrepreneurs!

Take advantage of a unique learning formula that combines training, networking and coaching

  • Do you own or co-own a business that is growing in leaps and bounds?
  • Are your sights set high? Do you foresee a day when your goods or services will be available worldwide?

Executive Education HEC Montréal and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec have put together a great program to propel your company internationally.


  • A series of nine breakfasts and three evening events to fuel conversation, spark inspiration and bring you first-hand accounts from forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have a wealth of invaluable “been there, done that” information to share.
  • Visionary entrepreneurs like Alexandre Taillefer, women who have taken up the going global challenge like Tatiana Bossy (Maison LeGrand) and experts who are helping female entrepreneurs scale their business beyond the Quebec market like Chia-Yi Tung (Orchimédia).
  • Two “Dolphins’ Den” workshops. Unlike the “Dragons’ Den” approach, this activity brings entrepreneurs and experts to the table to provide constructive criticism of your global business development efforts.


  • Prep your business to go global! Bone up on international markets, growth strategies, operational excellence, marketing, business risks, financial issues, leadership and management teams.


Introduction to international trade

  • Context, trends, outlooks
  • Program outline

Building your business across borders

  • Main ways of breaking into a foreign market
  • Advantages and drawbacks of each method
  • Selection criteria to consider

Cultural differences and why they matter

  • Understanding cultural variables and how they impact your strategy

Opportunities abroad: How to get ’em and how to vet ’em

  • Assessing markets/countries based on their overall attractiveness and your own competitive advantages
  • Creating a roadmap for success

Defining your business model

  • How to adapt your business model to market realities
  • Dos and don’ts

Financing your international expansion

  • Overview of funding mechanisms and programs

Workshop – Inside the Dolphins’ Den

  • Put your newly acquired knowledge to good use and tap into the insight of our panel of experts

Playing by the rules

  • Important legal and intellectual property considerations to bear in mind

Selling in the digital age

  • High-impact, low-cost strategies for raising the international profile of your products

B2B versus B2C

  • Specific factors to consider based on the type of company you run

Using technology to optimize your operations

  • Rundown of various systems that can help support your growth

Closing workshop – Inside the Dolphins’ Den II

  • Final presentation outlining your progress to our panel of experts

Is this for you?

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders of small, growing businesses with global aspirations.

special features

  • Learn directly from established experts and entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the international arena – and network with the crème de la crème!
  • Accelerate the growth of your business and break into new competitive markets
  • Develop your management skills with tools to help you plan, measure and improve your international growth strategy

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Michelle Vaillancourt
Senior Advisor


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