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MBAITC (Technology Innovation and Commercialization) – For engineers only

This program is offered in French only.

HEC Montréal’s new and improved MBA program boasts an innovative approach, a sharper focus on learning transfer and more flexibility than ever. Offered jointly with Polytechnique Montréal, the MBA-ITC is an opportunity to develop exclusive skills that are very much in demand in today’s marketplace. In addition to gaining an in-depth understanding of the art and science of management and enhancing your individual performance, you will receive advanced instruction in the technical, economic and organizational aspects of the technology innovation and commercialization process.

Admission Criteria
  • Enrolment in the HEC Montréal MBA program.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a degree deemed equivalent by Polytechnique Montréal.

For general eligibility conditions, see:

  • $7,600 for Quebec residents
  • $16,200 for non-Quebec Canadian residents
  • $31,800 for international students
  • (tax-free)


Part-time students: Two years

HEC Montréal
End of April to beginning of June, 2018

Spotlight on innovation management: how to become a technology innovation leader

The specific skill sets focused on by Polytechnique Montréal will be invaluable to you as you overcome the challenges inherent in the ever-changing world of technology:

  • When and where to find and create innovative business opportunities with staying power
  • How to integrate technology innovation potential into your practices
  • How to structure and lead promising tech projects
  • How to maximize the commercial benefits of innovations


Courses offered

Mandatory (3 credits):

  • Technology outlook seminar

Four courses (12 credits) to be chosen from the following:

  • New technology and commercialization enterprises
  • Engineering and structuring tech projects
  • Risk management in the technology sector
  • Sustainable development: life cycle and economic considerations
  • Operational resilience and continuity

 Ranked first in Canadian MBA programs.

Canadian Business (2015)

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