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Intensive marketing program

The purpose of this program is to help you make and implement important marketing decisions by stimulating your strategic thinking and giving you the tools you need to contribute to the success of your organization.

Led by 10 marketing experts


$3,995 + taxes


Six Fridays – 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
February 9, 16, 23, March 2, 16, 23, 2018

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Take full advantage of this in-depth, hands-on introduction to key marketing concepts, including an overview of current and future issues and the latest trends in the field. This program will help you make and implement important marketing decisions by stimulating your strategic thinking and giving you the tools you need to contribute to the success of your organization.


  • Understand various marketing aspects and how they are interrelated.
  • Become familiar with useful marketing concepts, approaches and tools.
  • Learn how to elevate your company’s marketing performance.
  • Enhance your analytical and decision-making powers.

Is this for you?

  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Mid-level and senior executives

Whether or not marketing is your core function, this program is for you if you wish to:

  • Contribute more significantly to your company’s success.
  • Refresh your marketing knowledge.
  • Broaden your professional horizons by strengthening your marketing foundations.

Special features

  • An intensive program led by 10 marketing veterans with a unique take on the realities facing today’s business world.
  • Interaction with experienced professionals.

"The specialists are knowledgeable and experienced. This speeds up the learning process, with examples and the opportunity to share information. A very illuminating experience."

Ianik Lajeunesse, President, Altitude C

"The intensive marketing program was an excellent introduction to the various concepts involved in my job and the opportunity to interact with seasoned pros. Dynamic and engaging. I would recommend it to anyone in the marketing field."

Stéphanie Forbes, Marketing Manager, Chartwell Retirement Residences

"A great refresher on marketing principles, after several years working in another field."

Julie Racicot, Assistant Marketing Manager, Groupe Patrick Morin

"An excellent program for anyone looking to sharpen their overall marketing skills. A well-tuned approach and expert instructors who are engaging and inspiring."

Islem Yezza, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Netpak

"Well done, once again. There’s nothing like the executive education programs offered at HEC Montréal. But don’t take my word for it – try them out for yourself!"

Martin Lespérance, Director, Trade Marketing and Training, Essilor Canada

Coordinator and instructor:

Jean-Luc Geha
Jean-Luc Geha
Guest Professor, HEC Montréal


Maurice Guertin
Maurice Guertin
MA (Marketing)
Partner, Saine Marketing
Pierre Balloffet
Pierre Balloffet
Associate Professor, HEC Montréal
Stéphane Gagnon
Stéphane Gagnon
MBA (Marketing)
Co-Founder, Senior Business Strategy Consultant, Kairos Global Inc.
Johanne Brunet
Johanne Brunet
MBA, HEC Montréal, PhD (Industrial and Business Studies)
Professor, HEC Montréal
Fabrice Desormeaux
Fabrice Desormeaux
Professor, Collège Ahuntsic
JoAnne Labrecque
JoAnne Labrecque
MBA (Marketing), PhD (Consumer Economics)
Associate Professor, HEC Montréal
Sylvain Sénécal
Sylvain Sénécal
MSc (Marketing), PhD (Marketing), HEC Montréal
Professor, HEC Montréal
Denis Chassé
Denis Chassé
Marketing Graduate
Lecturer, HEC Montréal, Consultant and Trainer for several firms
Serge Lafrance
Serge Lafrance
MSc (Marketing), DEA (Management)
Director, Executive Education, HEC Montréal and Professor

Jean-Luc Geha

  • Definition, role, concerns and unique characteristics of marketing

Planning your marketing strategy
Jean-Luc Geha

  • Strategic planning for marketing
  • Five variables of the marketing mix
  • Five key concepts: Segmentation, targeting, positioning, differentiation and innovation
  • Analysis of markets, competition and environment; diagnosis of the situation
  • Development of a marketing strategy and marketing plan

Getting the most bang out of your marketing buck
Jean-Luc Geha

  • Imperatives of integrated marketing
  • Setting goals and targets
  • Establishing a budget
  • Selecting media and vehicles
  • Developing messages
  • Advertising, promotion, PR, sponsorships and direct marketing: Roles, benefits and drawbacks
Analyzing demand and secondary data
Stéphane Gagnon
  • Marketing information system and customer databases
  • Private and public sources of secondary data and their use
  • Estimating the size of a market/segment and market share
  • Analysis of shifts in demand, market forecasts and market potential

Pricing strategies for enhancing value
Johanne Brunet

  • Strategic importance of price-related decisions
  • Competition, costs, objectives, strategy, value, life cycle
  • Classic pricing methods
  • Use of price variations and spreads
  • Differentiated pricing tactics
Formulating a distribution strategy
Johanne Brunet
  • Developing an efficient distribution strategy
  • Identifying and taking advantage of growth opportunities in distribution networks
  • Tailoring your offering to meet distributors’ needs
  • Strengthening the producer/distributor relationship
  • Breaking into new markets
  • Optimizing network performance

Creating value through products, services and branding
Pierre Balloffet

  • Crucial role of branding: Creating, protecting and strengthening this core asset
  • Managing services, products and corporate brands
  • The brand battlefield: Campaigns and territories
  • Creativity, innovation, business models and value creation
Creating compelling customer experiences
Serge Lafrance
  • Analyzing customers’ expectations and articulating a vision of the customer experience
  • Building better moments of truth
  • Cementing customer loyalty
  • Conceptualizing and delivering loyalty-inducing customer experiences
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing reinforcement

Optimizing marketing research
Maurice Guertin

  • Steps involved in a research project using primary data
  • Main research methods: Focus groups, interviews, surveys, observations, tests
  • Role of the manager and researcher
  • Analysis and interpretation of primary data
Driving performance through B2B marketing
Fabrice Desormeaux
  • Unique characteristics of B2B marketing
  • Companies’ purchasing behaviours
  • From prospecting to partnering: Building client relationships
  • Marketing with more rational content?
  • How to present your offering to decision-makers and get results
  • Harnessing social media and the Internet
  • The need for outsourcing in marketing

Getting ahead with e-marketing
Sylvain Sénécal

  • E-marketing trends
  • Particularities and added value of online marketing
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Website: Generating traffic, meeting expectations, converting visitors to customers, driving repeat business
  • What makes a website work
  • Internet, social media and consumers: Four possible strategies
Be a strategic retailer
JoAnne Labrecque
  • Changes in consumer trends and the retail landscape
  • Strategic marketing focus for retailers
  • Decisions: Target customers, size and location of store, product lineup, image, positioning, pricing, operating costs, customer service, visibility, advertising, store layout/ambiance
  • Category management and merchandising

Effectively managing your sales team
Denis Chassé

  • Strategic sales team management decisions
  • Defining the role of the sales team
  • Setting up a compensation plan
  • Selecting an organizational structure
  • How to approach major accounts
  • Leadership, engagement and team-building

Participants in all of our Expert Series will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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